Designing with Solids…

Have you ever walked into a room, and said “There’s way too much stuff going on in this room”?  I’m sure you have. We all have seen this somewhere.  An easy way to avoid someone saying this about your room is by designing with solids.  As home decor has become more contemporary, designers stay more simplistic in the designs and patterns they choose for the rooms in which we live in.   One basic  tip to keep your room simplistic is to start with a solid, neutral sofa color.  Trends are changing and neutral colors can be anywhere from tones of whites and beiges to golds and grays! Here are some examples…

Regardless of the color that you choose for your sofa, you can add pop with colorful and patterned pillows to complete the look.  When using patterns on the sofa, be sure that you use the same colorcast in both the sofa and the patterned pillows.  Some examples of this look may be seen below….

By adding the same color tones as the primary sofa color, it suggests to the viewer that the pillows belong to the sofa.  If you are an individual that doesn’t like things too “matchy”, then I would suggest color blocking the sofa with your favorite colors!  It could look like this…

This is a simple way to incorporate many colors together within a room.  As a designer, I usually suggest this technique when someone comes in with two difficult colors they would like to arrange together but are having a difficult time finding a pattern with the two colors incorporated within one fabric. Also, when you add color with something small like a pillow or an accessory, it will be  easier to dispose of in the future if you choose to change your color scheme. This approach to design is a great one if you are an individual that gets bored with a room easily.  This simple technique is also great for people who enjoy changing out the decor of their room as the seasons change.  For more information about designing or where to get custom looks like these please visit our website:

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Written By: Erica Guajardo

Edited By: Linda Decuir


Seat Cushions too soft ?

When I was a much younger man I loved soft seat cushions that gave you a nice “ride” as I sunk down on the sofa. I wanted cushions that wrapped around me and felt like I was in a cocoon. Now that I have matured I like a firmer cushion that supports my body better and makes getting out of my sofa less difficult. As we age many of our needs change including our furniture needs. So the question becomes:

Can a soft cushion in your existing sofa be changed so that it now fits your current needs?

The answer is almost always: “Yes”. The next question is: “Is it economically prudent? If your furniture is “high end”, was expensive, or is an heirloom the answer is probably yes. If your sofa was inexpensive then maybe not. Most mass produced furniture today is built in “other countries” – yes just like almost everything else that used to be produced in the USA. Generally this means that it is an inferior product and not worth the cost of replacing the cushions. Also many leather sofas are intentionally very soft and use webbing system rather than a spring system for support . If your sofa doesn’t have a supportive base then changing out the cushions probably won’t solve the problem. However if your sofa is of good quality then changing out the cushions should make you very happy with your sofa. It will feel like new again!

What does a webbing system look like?


What does a spring system look like?

If you determine that your sofa is a good candidate for new cushions then you need to determine which type of cushions you want. Cushion stuffings usually are foam and dacron or sometimes feathers, down, springs etc. When our goal is to firm up a cushion we either rebuild the existing stuffing or build a new one. Foam has two propertiesdensity and compression. The density may be thought of as the quality while compression is the firmness of the foam. We use high density foam and may use a higher compression foam than the original cushion. We may also build the stuffing 2″ larger than the finished size of the sewn cushion to achieve firmness. There are many different ways to accomplish firmer seating but care must be taken to ensure the new restuffed cushion still fits the furniture. The cushion can be stretched to the wrong size so we ask the client to give us the inside seating dimensions for comparison. It actually takes a bit of work to evaluate what needs to be done but we have done it so often we stock almost everything we need so you can get your new cushions very quickly. If you decide to replace your seat cushions make sure you go to a reputable business that has lots of experience with this. Otherwise you are bound to be disappointed.

Jim the Sofa Man

If you  need or know someone who needs to firm up their seating come see us at Fabrics and Frames Furniture. Our goal is to make every customer a happy one!

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How To Finish A Room???

Do you ever walk into a room, and wonder…”How do I make this room have a better ‘home feel’?”   A great way to do this is by adding accessories, such as: pillows, ottomans, lamps, paintings,etc.  When you incorporate these personal items, it gives the viewer a sense of who you are even if you are a person that may like a simple, tranquil room such as this Beige Room below.  You are still making a statement about yourself when choosing items that you place in the room even if the room is all neutral.

By adding simple, monochromatic touches to this tranquil room, you give it a cozy inviting touch.  When you have a room that has no personal items, this may suggest to the viewer a comment such as…”I just moved in…” or “I’m taking a minimalistic approach to design…”

At Fabrics and Frames we have heard many of our clients talk about how they have a stark, unfinished room and it is because they don’t know what accessories to add.  Most people are overwhelmed by this and are afraid they might choose the wrong item and make a mistake. They would perfer to just have someone else come in and pick the items for them.  The issue that comes up with having someone come into your home and choosing everything  in your home for you, is that it then becomes their room not yours.  You want your home to have a sense of who you are with your own personal style.   The truth is that when picking out something personal, such as a piece of art…You don’t have to buy or choose it because it matches perfectly.  You want to choose it because it makes you happy and is something that you enjoy looking at  day-after-day.  When choosing pillows or small ottomans, it is more important to have them coordinate with the larger pieces in the room, such as your sofas and chairs.  These are considered accents with in the room which means that you can live with them for a shorter period  of time, and if you notice in 3-5 years down the line that your style has changed, you can replace them without a huge investment.

Some other examples of rooms that are incorporating small accent pieces are shown below:

This site is to help you, our future customers and readers, with design tips that  may be looking for. We also want to educate you about the function and design of the furniture in your home. Here at Fabrics and Frames, a company that has been around for more than 30 years, we take pride in being very knowledgeable, and connecting personally with our current clients, when it comes to design.  Because we have such a passion for design and our goal is to make each customer feel at home in our showroom, we are able to pass this knowledge on to you…our future customers.  To learn more about our company please visit:

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir

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