Decorating with Orange

In 2012   “Tango Tangerine” was selected as color of the year, encouraging orange lovers to spread the color around their homes as the primary color in their decor.  Studies have shown that when you enter a room filled with the color orange your brain is stimulated to experience feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth.  This color would be ideal for an office space or home gym because of the energy it projects  although many “orange” fans like the color spread throughout their home because of the warm and inviting feeling it has.  During the autumn months, orange is a great color to incorporate into your room scheme because it allows you to be festive with holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving by bringing the outdoor foliage colors into your home!  Below are some images that show you how orange can be incorporated  into the decor of your home in a tasteful way!

Neutral beige furniture with punches of orange pillows

Gym using the color orange to inspire a good workout

Orange inspired Office to bring stimulation to the brain.

Autumn Decor using orange


When decorating with orange you don’t always have to stay monochromatic.  Some individuals like to decorate with complementary colors like blue and orange hues to create contrast in the room.  When using these two colors together, be aware that the room will more often than not have contemporary flare.

Complementary colored room: Orange and Blue Interiors

Another great color scheme is grey and orange.  The grey allows most of the room to appear to have a soothing quality to it, but the orange tends to bring warmth to the room.  Having  simple combinations of both colors incorporated into a fabric, like the one below, can help bring the room together.

Avant Garde Fabrics: Fanfare/ 009

Grey and Orange Bedroom

Orange is a great color to accent any room with!  It’s qualities bring both energy and warmth to a room, allowing the guests to feel welcomed.  Although you probably do not want the whole room orange, by incorporating a few accents of the color will give you this wonderful feeling! Tango Tangerine was a great choice for color of the year because of its versatility and ability to create so many different emotions and when used sparingly can help you create the perfect space for both relaxing and creativity!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


Chic Halloween Ideas!

Tis the season to be creepy! With Halloween around the corner many of us are thinking about entertaining guests with parties and functions.  The question becomes, “How do I decorate my home so that it looks both chic and creepy at the same time?”  There are many different looks that you can create without spending  a lot of money…Check out some of the looks below.

Black and White Halloween

Black and White Halloween Dining Room

Whether your home is contemporary or transitional, decorating in black and white is trendy these days.  Adding a few accessories around a neutral interior will enhance the ambiance of the themed room and allow you to focus on the novelty items selected.   Some items  suggested to add to your room are pumpkins, wreaths made out of twigs, spiderwebs, black tablecloth, and candles.  To create this look you will want to keep the color simplistic by only using black, white, and punches of orange.

Lace Pumpkin Look
To create this look all you need is a decorative sock or stocking with has a lace pattern, stretch it over the pumpkin, glue and paint the stem black. White pumpkins make this look chic and modern!

Painted White Pumpkins: Create Black and White Illustrations on pumpkins using stencils downloaded from the internet.

Black Frames with punch of fall branches are a great way to recycle your old looking frames. To make this look appear “halloween-ish”, place this set-up on a buffet or cabinet with a sprinkle of synethic spider webs, small pumpkins and a faux lit candle to create a more dramatic feel with the branches.

Black Halloween Twig Wreath: This look can be created by making a wreath out of twigs from the yard, or spray painting one of your old fall wreaths with black spray paint.  Just make sure to remove anything that is not a twig.  Bead wreaths will create this look as well!

Orange Halloween Room

Orange Theme Halloween Room

In 2012, tango tangerine was selected as the color of the year!   If you were a person who was truly inspired by this color and indulged yourself by using it for the main color in your room, this Halloween is the perfect holiday for you to showcase the color!  Like the picture above, there is not much you have to do to make this color appear festive.  By adding simple accessories of black and purple you can turn this room into a fun Halloween inspired room whether you want to keep it chic and simple or creepy and ghostly.

Decorating Black Pillows for Halloween

A creative way to make a pillow appear to have a Halloween theme is to add a a decorative sash to it! Choosing sashes which have orange, purple, or even a Halloween pattern will give this styled pillow a bit of flare.

By adding buttons or dots of paint to a black pillow you can create this “black cat” pillow look!

Getting creative with items in the home during holidays can be a great way to join together with friends and save a little money!  Your home can come to life with creativity and keep you feeling good about staying environmentally friendly by using something old to create something new!

If your taste is towards the more creepy and exotic you can find lots of ghosts and goblins in the stores and online to help you create a really over the top Halloween experience for your guests. You can also create your own with materials around the house like sheets and old clothing. This is the time of the year to celebrate the spooky, creepy side of you and share it with your friends and family. Here are a couple of great Halloween rooms for you to enjoy and get ideas from!

Halloween Creepy Dinning Interior

Halloween Creepy Living Room Decor

Here at Fabrics and Frames we are filled with creative talented individuals who can create  something amazing from  almost anything.  If you liked some of these ideas for your home, but may need a couple of accessories such as seat cushions for your dinning room chairs, pillows, or black and orange accessories to decorate with, come visit us! And have a very safe and Happy Halloween!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir

Suggested Event in Dallas:  Day of the Dead Show at the Shops of Legacy, October 25th,2012

Good for the whole family! Bringing the arts out of the gallery!

Artist and Furniture

One reason I write this blog is to explore all the different possibilities in home design that can expand our readers’ minds to envision new ways that furniture can become the driving force in determining a home’s ambiance.  When looking at an entire room, furniture and art are generally  blended together in a room to  create a setting that either mimics the owner’s personality or creates the ambiance he/she desires.  This past weekend, I attended a gallery event that showcased the work of an artist whose pieces have merged both furniture and art together.  At the Oliver Francis Gallery in Deep Elm in Dallas, Texas, Francisco Moreno opened his exhibition called Dormant Subversion.   His art demonstrates to his audience, in a very stunning way, that furniture can also be a form of art as well as function.  By painting every item incorporated in his piece called “Living Room”, this artist shows us a  cubist style furniture installation that is a very unique and creative way of going “green” with furniture.

“Living Room” by Francisco Moreno
mixed media
8 x 8 x 5 ft

By delving deeper into the particular styles of furniture that Mr. Moreno painted, we can see a chippendale camel-back settee with a single bench seat.  This particular style of furniture is most often used in very formal traditional homes, but when merged together with this style of art, you can see that it definitely has a more contemporary flare to it.

Other upholstered furniture pieces that were incorporated in the installation were vinyl parsons chairs.  This popular style of chair is seen in both contemporary and traditional decors and is very mainstream but when it becomes a piece of art it becomes truly stunning!

Painted Parsons Chair , part of “Living Room”

How can you incorporate this type of art into your design scheme?

Although each piece that was incorporated into the design of this installation is fully functional, you probably would not choose to use it as a real piece of furniture because you would run the risk of  damaging it.  Instead of using it as a functional piece in your room, I would suggest keeping it as a installation piece of art in the room that is to be seen but not used, and coordinate it with other furniture pieces that would mesh well with the black and white color scheme used in this particular design.

One option for coordinating furniture to go with this particular installation would be to use simple black  furniture with contrasting cording for a little “pop”.  Another thought would be to incorporate a fully upholstered piece of furniture with custom painted sides or back by Francisco Moreno or another artist.  I have provided some images that will better help you grasp the idea of the type of furniture pieces that I am talking about.

Contrast Corded Furniture: If you would like to blend art into this particular style, you can always get a painted pillow to place on the furniture piece.

Black and White Hand Painted Pillow

Side of baroque styled sofa painted.

 Where would I go to get this style of furniture created for me?

Here at Fabrics and Frames, we custom build  and reupholster any type of upholstered furniture.  We are able to bring your upholstery dreams come true, whether it be by creating a new style which you have imagined or by transforming an antique or garage sale piece which you have been looking to restore.  Since Mr. Moreno resides in Dallas, Fabrics and Frames could possibly work together with him to design your perfect room if you want to incorporate this particular style for your home using an established artist.  If this is too cost prohibitive for you to consider, you can create your own art on fabric and use it in a similar way. It is such a unique style that would make a huge impression on the guests in your home and would give you a feeling of owning something very special and unique to you!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir

To learn more about the Artist, Please Visit:

Decorating with Solids

Some people automatically assume that decorating with solids will create a boring room, when in fact it can be quite interesting.  By using solid fabrics when decorating you will be able to create whatever type of room fits your fancy.  Check out the different looks below:

Tranquil Room

This year Robert Allen Fabrics put out a great sample book collection called Naturals.  This collection consist of multi -purpose fabrics which are influenced by calm tones like linen inspired colors, blues, and greys. Many of the samples that are included in this collection consist of tone-on-tone patterns, quilted patterns, matelasses, and embroidery works that are all solids.

When creating a tranquil inspired room, you should stay away from choosing bright tones and patterns.  Instead you should lean towards more muted tones, textures , and subdued patterns.  By using this approach your  eyes will be more drawn to the tailoring of the furniture or great novelties in the room instead of being overwhelmed with pattern. When using this approach you are able to create a room that is easy to relax in.

Robert Allen Designs: Natural Collection
Featuring patterns Grainy Road/ Linen and Woodland Glory/ Black.

Robert Allen Fabrics Naturals Color Room Scheme

Contemporary Solids

Often in contemporary interiors the focus is on re-using older streamlined furniture or building new retro styles. Many clients request to keep their furniture solid and punch the room with color using pillows and accessories.  When designing in this fashion you are left with a more minimalistic feel to the room that allows you to focus on the small accessories or art in the room instead of a lot of pattern.  Below are some examples of fabrics and furniture styles you could group together to give your home a transitional, contemporary flare.

Square Arm Sofa in Navy Chenille

Possible Fabric that you may want to consider for this Navy Blue Sofa Look is…

Barrow Fabric: Shine/ Sapphire
This particular fabric appears to be solid but has a subtle striped texture in it.When upholstering in a solid fabric, it is always a good idea to think about incorporating some texture in the fabric, this will be good to hide stains later on after wear.

Turquoise Chair: If you have a old chair to reupholster, consider doing so. It is rare to find a newer chair with a really good spring system. Older chairs will usually be built better and have a unique style associated with them.

Possible Fabric that you would like to upholster in…

JF Fabrics: PHOENIX 66J6051

If this style is too simplistic for you, then jazz it up with novelty inspired  or trendy pattern pillows.  Another option would be to create pillows using contrast cording.  You can simply just use the left over fabrics from the upholstery job to create this look.  Check out the example below:

Contrast Corded Pillows and Sofa

Novelty Pillow

Create a pillow using a fabric that brings the two colors together. Example Greenhouse IKAT Fabric.

When following this advise , you may find that your room will look something like this.

Of course each room will have different furniture in it and possibly different color combinations, but as long as you are consistent with the balance of color,  you should be able to create a contemporary minimalistic room that is not boring at all.

In Contrast, Not all Solids are Contemporary…

When decorating traditional rooms  there are a number of solid fabrics that lean towards traditional aesthetics.  Using leather, velvets, mohair, tone-on-tone damasks, or matelasses can produce a number of great traditional looks  using only solids.  Check some out below:

Chesterfield Sofa in Solid Green Leather

Tone-on-tone Damask Print on Parson’s Chair with Skirt

When designing a classic/ traditional looking interior you generally don’t see two solid pieces of furniture in the same room.  You tend to see either a solid sofa or solid chair combined with a pattern sofa or chair, and other patterned accessories.  The interior may look closer to this…

Classic Interior Using Solid Sofa

Classic interiors generally have more of a busy quality to them and are usually associated with multiple patterns in the same color tone but different scales. However if you lean towards a  traditional style but want to  incorporate more solids you can reduce the busy quality but still maintain a very classic look. By incorporating both solids and patterns in similar color tones you can create a traditional room that is very pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

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We are currently located at 5322 Alpha Rd, Dallas, Texas 75240972-385-4097.  Please contact us if you have any questions about this blog, and or follow us on Facebook!

Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir

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