Decorating with Solids

Some people automatically assume that decorating with solids will create a boring room, when in fact it can be quite interesting.  By using solid fabrics when decorating you will be able to create whatever type of room fits your fancy.  Check out the different looks below:

Tranquil Room

This year Robert Allen Fabrics put out a great sample book collection called Naturals.  This collection consist of multi -purpose fabrics which are influenced by calm tones like linen inspired colors, blues, and greys. Many of the samples that are included in this collection consist of tone-on-tone patterns, quilted patterns, matelasses, and embroidery works that are all solids.

When creating a tranquil inspired room, you should stay away from choosing bright tones and patterns.  Instead you should lean towards more muted tones, textures , and subdued patterns.  By using this approach your  eyes will be more drawn to the tailoring of the furniture or great novelties in the room instead of being overwhelmed with pattern. When using this approach you are able to create a room that is easy to relax in.

Robert Allen Designs: Natural Collection
Featuring patterns Grainy Road/ Linen and Woodland Glory/ Black.

Robert Allen Fabrics Naturals Color Room Scheme

Contemporary Solids

Often in contemporary interiors the focus is on re-using older streamlined furniture or building new retro styles. Many clients request to keep their furniture solid and punch the room with color using pillows and accessories.  When designing in this fashion you are left with a more minimalistic feel to the room that allows you to focus on the small accessories or art in the room instead of a lot of pattern.  Below are some examples of fabrics and furniture styles you could group together to give your home a transitional, contemporary flare.

Square Arm Sofa in Navy Chenille

Possible Fabric that you may want to consider for this Navy Blue Sofa Look is…

Barrow Fabric: Shine/ Sapphire
This particular fabric appears to be solid but has a subtle striped texture in it.When upholstering in a solid fabric, it is always a good idea to think about incorporating some texture in the fabric, this will be good to hide stains later on after wear.

Turquoise Chair: If you have a old chair to reupholster, consider doing so. It is rare to find a newer chair with a really good spring system. Older chairs will usually be built better and have a unique style associated with them.

Possible Fabric that you would like to upholster in…

JF Fabrics: PHOENIX 66J6051

If this style is too simplistic for you, then jazz it up with novelty inspired  or trendy pattern pillows.  Another option would be to create pillows using contrast cording.  You can simply just use the left over fabrics from the upholstery job to create this look.  Check out the example below:

Contrast Corded Pillows and Sofa

Novelty Pillow

Create a pillow using a fabric that brings the two colors together. Example Greenhouse IKAT Fabric.

When following this advise , you may find that your room will look something like this.

Of course each room will have different furniture in it and possibly different color combinations, but as long as you are consistent with the balance of color,  you should be able to create a contemporary minimalistic room that is not boring at all.

In Contrast, Not all Solids are Contemporary…

When decorating traditional rooms  there are a number of solid fabrics that lean towards traditional aesthetics.  Using leather, velvets, mohair, tone-on-tone damasks, or matelasses can produce a number of great traditional looks  using only solids.  Check some out below:

Chesterfield Sofa in Solid Green Leather

Tone-on-tone Damask Print on Parson’s Chair with Skirt

When designing a classic/ traditional looking interior you generally don’t see two solid pieces of furniture in the same room.  You tend to see either a solid sofa or solid chair combined with a pattern sofa or chair, and other patterned accessories.  The interior may look closer to this…

Classic Interior Using Solid Sofa

Classic interiors generally have more of a busy quality to them and are usually associated with multiple patterns in the same color tone but different scales. However if you lean towards a  traditional style but want to  incorporate more solids you can reduce the busy quality but still maintain a very classic look. By incorporating both solids and patterns in similar color tones you can create a traditional room that is very pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


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