Decorating with Orange

In 2012   “Tango Tangerine” was selected as color of the year, encouraging orange lovers to spread the color around their homes as the primary color in their decor.  Studies have shown that when you enter a room filled with the color orange your brain is stimulated to experience feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth.  This color would be ideal for an office space or home gym because of the energy it projects  although many “orange” fans like the color spread throughout their home because of the warm and inviting feeling it has.  During the autumn months, orange is a great color to incorporate into your room scheme because it allows you to be festive with holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving by bringing the outdoor foliage colors into your home!  Below are some images that show you how orange can be incorporated  into the decor of your home in a tasteful way!

Neutral beige furniture with punches of orange pillows

Gym using the color orange to inspire a good workout

Orange inspired Office to bring stimulation to the brain.

Autumn Decor using orange


When decorating with orange you don’t always have to stay monochromatic.  Some individuals like to decorate with complementary colors like blue and orange hues to create contrast in the room.  When using these two colors together, be aware that the room will more often than not have contemporary flare.

Complementary colored room: Orange and Blue Interiors

Another great color scheme is grey and orange.  The grey allows most of the room to appear to have a soothing quality to it, but the orange tends to bring warmth to the room.  Having  simple combinations of both colors incorporated into a fabric, like the one below, can help bring the room together.

Avant Garde Fabrics: Fanfare/ 009

Grey and Orange Bedroom

Orange is a great color to accent any room with!  It’s qualities bring both energy and warmth to a room, allowing the guests to feel welcomed.  Although you probably do not want the whole room orange, by incorporating a few accents of the color will give you this wonderful feeling! Tango Tangerine was a great choice for color of the year because of its versatility and ability to create so many different emotions and when used sparingly can help you create the perfect space for both relaxing and creativity!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


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