Small Accent Furniture with Unique Flare!

In today’s market the trends in custom designed furniture tend to straddle the border of minimalism.  The term “minimalistic” generally implies a leaning towards contemporary or transitional tastes in furniture.  When the term is used for contemporary design, it usually alludes to lack of ornamentation  in the design.  Contemporary furniture is generally known for its “sleek” clean lines and unique simple ergonomic qualities.  Some examples of contemporary furniture are shown below:

Contemporary Furniture produced out of furniture mold.

contemporary sofa with linear lines

Although transitional furniture tends to be very similar to contemporary furniture in style, one thing that sets it apart is its details and ornamentation.  When decorating for a client who is neither contemporary or traditional, we often notice that they have a sense of more eclectic tastes when it comes to furniture style.  Clients who have transitional tastes often like to incorporate a modern twist into traditional designs.  Check out the chair below that blends a traditional style with a unique modern feel!

Tufted Barrel Chair with Painted Turquoise Turned Legs and Nail heads.  This style is usually found in a traditional home, but with a modern color scheme, painted legs, and colored nail heads it offers a contemporary eclectic feel.

Colored Nail heads

If colored nail heads are little too colorful for you, and you tend to have a taste in furniture that is more tranquil, then it   you may want to consider using nail heads on your furniture applied in a decorative pattern.  This look is great for some one who does not like too much pattern in the room, but would like to create interest in a subtle way.  Adding patterned nail heads to your furniture gives the appearance of jewelry or gems on furniture.  Check out the example below to understand how this look is a little more subtle but definitely unique!

This look is great for someone who does not like patterned fabrics, but would like to add a special touch to their furniture.

A classic look, which has been around for decades, is scalloped inspired furniture.  Commonly seen on the base of chairs, this look was created to add  a unique touch.  When originally designed, the look was more of a sloped curve, while today it tends to be a real pattern or shape.

Decorative Scalloped Based Ottoman adds a unique touch to the ambiance of the room scheme.

Scalloped Base on Slipper Chair creates a unique transitional design.

All of the unique touches discussed today are great ways to give a simple piece of furniture a unique flare!  Since today’s average buyer is looking to stay more simplistic in design in their furniture choices, these small touches will allow you to create interest  in your room without creating too much distraction!  Here at Fabrics and Frames we can create any upholstered custom design of furniture that you can imagine including the above looks or one of your own creation!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


French Design: Inspiring us for Years!

When looking at any form of art, whether it be furniture or fine art, you tend to focus on the overall lines  the final piece creates.  One of my favorite genres of design is Art Nouveau because of its fluid lines and the organic quality it has.  Originally created by the French as the “New Art”, this particular style was represented from the years of 1890- 1910.  It emerged as  a movement which gave extra importance to ornamental features and these techniques influenced how designers approached the aesthetics of design and art at that time.

Unlike the current more simple, straighter lines of today , interiors from this period were created with detail in mind.  Many original rooms had wood paneled walls and staircases which featured ornate hand carved designs.  Art Nouveau rooms were not the only things that were influenced by this style. The furniture pieces themselves usually were their own piece of art which added to  the organic quality of the room.  Check out some images below to understand how rooms and furniture from the Art Nouveau movement may have looked.

Tassel House Staircase by Victor Horta which was built in 1893. This particular staircase is known to some as the first expression of Art Nouveau.

Traditional Art Nouveau furniture from 1890-1910. Many original pieces of furniture would have the organic lines in the details of the wood incorporated into the design.

Since Art Nouveau was a dramatic and inspirational period in design, many interiors have developed a more modern twist to the initial look. Leaving some of most important architectural structural qualities of the look, like the staircase and blending more contemporary colors and design in the scheme.

Art during this period followed the same ornate quality.  A particular French artist who pronounced this movement in his designs was Toulouse Lautrec.  Known for his Post-Impressionist paintings and Art Nouveau illustrations, he created a look that most would recognize in modern day aesthetics.  Don’t be fooled into thinking he was the only one who was creating this type of design since other artists such as Manuel Orazi and Theophile Steinlen also produced pieces which influenced this period in France as well.

Moulin Rouge: La Goulue
Toulouse Lautrec

La Maison Moderne
Manuel Orazi

La Tournee du Chat Noir avec Rodolphe Salis
Theophile Steinlen

Although this look seems to be dated  for those who have contemporary tastes in interiors, there is very much a contemporary flare to the design concept.  Created in a world where it was racy to “step out of the box”, the  artists created a new movement which implemented movement in design. Today’s current designers feature these designs on fabrics and wallpapers to create a more eclectic look for the modern interior.

Robert Allen: Wanaque/ Chocolate

Wing Chair Upholstered in Flocked Linen Blend Fabric from Robert Allen: Wanaque/ Chocolate.

Here at Fabrics and Frames Furniture we pay attention to detail, making us very similar to the designers who originally designed Art Nouveau interiors and art.  We are proud to be very detail- minded and innovative when it comes to upholstery and design.  Many things in the world have changed throughout time, but for almost 35 years we have stayed consistent in our desire to produce a quality product which will be able to withstand decades of use, much like the design work of the Art Nouveau movement.  If you have enjoyed learning about this movement and wish to further your education in art, I recommend visiting the Dallas Museum of Art: Poster of Paris: Toulous- Latrec and his contemporaries exhibition.  There you will find many posters which were created during this movement in art.  This particular exhibition is great place to bring the whole family because once you have completed the tour, there is a “create your own poster” section which the whole family can enjoy!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir

For More Information about the Poster of Paris Exhibition, please refer to the following link:

Giving Thanks in November!

In America we celebrate a tradition called Thanksgiving. Although there are many different versions of this tradition associated with different religions around the world, Americans gather on the fourth Thursday in November to give thanks.  This tradition was originally brought to us by the harvest festival from New England, when the pilgrims that landed in 1621 on Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts, migrated here and brought their religious traditions to the new land as a way to celebrate a good harvest.  As you know this tradition left a footprint on America forever as a holiday that is celebrated by most of us!

In modern America, we are living with  concerns which generate a greater cause for what we should be thankful for.  We tend to take our natural resources  for granted and expect our  water, food, and shelter to be plentiful.  Recently I had the pleasure to visit the Cohn Drennan Contemporary Gallery in Dallas, for their exhibition Le Temps de L’eau, Take Me to the River which was curated by Cohn Drennan.  This exhibition was about a group of artists and institutions which collaborated together to bring awareness to the precious resource of water.

Le temps de l’eau

While attending the exhibition I was privileged to have a conversation with one of the artists in the show, David Carlson.   He explained to me about his personal religion and its influence on his perception of water.   During our conversation, as we were looking at his video installation called Water Quilt,  he explained the hidden explanations of each section and why it moves in the order that it does.   After our conversation was over, I sat for a few moments in front of the installation and realized that this particular piece could be a great contemporary way to involve installation art in holiday soirees.

David Carlson and Betsy Stewart
Water Quilt
video installation

If you choose to use this particular piece for a Thanksgiving event, it should encourage your guests  to realize what is really most important in their lives.  This piece comes across as creating a very tranquil ambiance,  almost hypnotizing the individual into understanding that we do take water for granted and possibly reigniting pleasant memories that are associated with a particular time where we had water around us that we took for granted.  If you are open to the enlightenment of the piece, then you will certainly be encouraged to give thanks to this precious resource as well as those surrounding you during the holiday season.

So the questions becomes: What type of interior would help complement a video installation like “Water Quilt”?

Orange Thanksgiving Decor

Since Thanksgiving falls during the season where the leaves are falling from the trees and turning various shades of the colors orange, red, and yellow, we  associate these colors with the Fall and spread them though out our decor.  If you are an individual who likes to the mark the holidays with theme colored decor, then this video installation could be the perfect contrast to your Thanksgiving decor.  Since orange is the complementary color to blue, the hue from the water will complement the orange decor which is present throughout the home as well as  spark wonderful conversations with your guests.

Chic Modern Thanksgiving

If your interior tends to be more chic and modern, then your Thanksgiving may look something like the picture above.  By using a installation piece like Water Quilts, you may be so lucky to find out that reflections of water may bounce from the projector onto the acrylic furniture that you may be using to decorate your home.  This will give you a Thanksgiving which becomes interactive with movement.  If this is going to be a setting in which you will be sitting for a number of hours then I would  suggest to have removable white seat cushions made for padding and support.

Transitional Thanksgiving

For most individuals,  Thanksgiving just means getting together with loved ones and friends.  Although incorporating art may be adding a new element to your tradition, this will certainly encourage many different conversations throughout  your home during the holidays.  If you are intrigued by this type of  a conversation piece projecting on a empty wall, then I would suggest trying this new innovative projection of art.  An alternative way to use this type of installation would be to create a piece which represents your family’s memories through out the year.  You will be surprised at how interactive this idea can be when incorporated in a group setting!

Here at Fabrics and Frames we are always trying to figure out new ways to create an atmosphere in your home in which you enjoy spending time in and the holidays are the perfect time to spruce it up.  By staying current with the times and being creative with our ideas we pride ourselves on creating wonderful interiors. Whether we are helping you space plan  your interior with new furniture, repairing a sofa which the family dog chewed, or reupholstering an old heirloom to give it new life, we are here to help!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir

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Incorporating vintage art into a room using current design styles?

Memories are the one thing that influences everyone’s life whether we want them to or not.  Whether your memories are wonderful and nostalgic or not particularly great they do help to determine the person you are now.  Recently I went to a gallery featuring the artist Ray Phillips. This particular exhibition focused on his version of vintage art featuring works that have classical images like Popeye, Junior mints, Rock’em Sock’em robots, and of course the “James Bond” nude women.  Inspired by his nostalgic memories of these  images, he now creates works of art featuring printmaking and fine arts. Check out some his works below…

Ray Phillips
Mixed Media
45 x 70

Ray Phillips
Hot Rod Gang
Mixed Media on Wood
52″ X 34″

Ray Phillips’ artwork pulls from the past which intrigues the viewer to remember how things once were.  He allows the individual to focus on the subject matter by creating images in primary colors, which was a classic style that  many designers 30+ years ago created using artwork for cartoons, games, and editorial designs.
So the question becomes, What type of interior works best with retro art?
If you are a individual who chooses to live in a home where everything is  of the same genre I would recommend mid-century furniture.  This  look was very popular in the 60’s and 70’s .  Very clean lines are associated with this particular style of furniture which allows you to bring more pattern and design into the room with your art.  Some examples of mid-century furniture are shown below:

Mid-Century Inspired Upholstered Tuxedo Sofa: This particular sofa is shown with surface tufting on the back and seat. This style usually is very low to the ground and longer than your average sofa.

Mid-century Inspired Chair: Currently a very popular style which is used  in both contemporary  and transitional settings.

Since this style of furniture is currently very popular, you should be able to find original pieces from these past decades in local resale shops.  When purchasing these items remember that may need a lot of internal work that may be expensive to repair so your total expenditure may end up being equivalent to a new piece of high-end furniture.  If the piece that you are looking at is in excellent condition then you run into the problem of it being over priced.  In some cases, sofas like the one above have been sold at prices which are around $8,000 used.  For many of us, this price seems to be outrageous for something that is used. If you happen to find just the right piece at a reasonable price Fabrics and Frames is ready to help you recreate the original look or update it with something new.

Fabrics and Frames is a manufacturer of fine custom furniture.  Regardless if the style is retro, contemporary, or traditional we can create the look whatever look you want if the style is fully upholstered.  Most of our sofas range in price from $2,500- $3,000 and our chairs range in price from $$1,300- $1,500.  Although the price fluctuates depending on the fabric that is chosen, the end result is that you get a new piece of furniture that will last you a life time created just for you!  Some styles which you may be interested in to complete your retro look is the #1484 TB, #2035, and #1430. Just check out our website at We  also encourage you to create your own style if we don’t have the exact look you are looking for.

#1484 TB Sofa Produced By Fabrics and Frames Furniture. Shown in a Grey Linen/ Poly Blend Textured Fabric.

#2035 Chair Produced By Fabrics and Frames Furniture. Shown in Black Leather with a geometric rectangular bolster.

#1430 Chair Produced By Fabrics and Frames Furniture. Shown is a Gold Textured Chenille.

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We are currently located at 5322 Alpha Rd, Dallas, Texas 75240972-385-4097.  Please contact us if you have any questions about this blog, and or follow us on Facebook!

Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir

For More Information about the artist Ray Phillips, please refer to these links:

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