Fur… Interior Faux-pas or Interior Trend?

Winter has arrived and we are looking for ways to bring a little more warmth into our homes and designing with fur is one way to do it! Using fur in home interiors has been a trend with many designers for centuries.  Whether we are talking about hair-on-hide leathers, mohair, or actual fur from wild animals, this product has been used to create aesthetic comfort as well as  functionality in interiors for many years.   Modern uses of fur can teeter on tacky or very trendy when  it is over used.  Fur becomes tacky in a room when the fur  is used in abundance and becomes too over- powering for the room design.  When designing with fur, it is often best to let it be one unique thing in the room. The rule of thumb when designing with fur is “Less is better!”

Fur Chairs

Fur Slipper Chair

Fur Slipper Chair

Using fur to upholster a piece of furniture is very daring to the average person. Most people love  feeling soft textures against their skin and many animal furs can create this feeling. The  chair  like the one above uses a very soft animal fur which  gives the feeling of softness and comfort. The one below is upholstered with hair-on-hide. This one may feel  much more coarse and may begin to prick the skin. It would not be appropriate to use it for a chair that is sat in often but it can make a unique statement about your room when used as an accent piece.

Hair-on-hide Wing Chair

Hair-on-hide Wing Chair

One particular look that I have found quite interesting and unique is upholstering in fabric which has feathers appliqued into it.  This look  has great texture incorporated in the design but lays flat enough so that it will not be uncomfortable when sitting on it.   When creating this look it is best to stay with a monochromatic pallet for the entire piece because this will emphasize the look you are trying to create.

French Laquered White Chair with Feathered Fabric

Fur on Sofas

Generally a rule of thumb is that you do not want the largest piece of furniture to have the most unique fabric or texture in the room.  The eye will be drawn almost exclusively to it while your other furniture will almost disappear in the room.  If you live a more minimalistic lifestyle and don’t have a lot of stuff  in your home, this could be a great way for you  to highlight a great unique furniture piece, possibly like the one below.

Baroque styled Sofa with Embossed Black Fur

Baroque styled Sofa with Embossed Black Fur

Although color is important in design, using bright colors in fur can be a bit too much! Most of the  time when you use colored fur it tends to look cheap and inexpensive because the colors are so unnatural.  When creating a large scale  piece of furniture it is best  stick to natural colored furs.  If you choose to use a colored fur in the design scheme, then use it on a throw or pillow to create a small pop! The best way to keep this particular type of fur from looking “cheap”  is use only very soft feeling fur.  When a fur is so soft it almost melts, it portrays a sense of luxury in the room and the color is not really important .

 Asymetrical Colorful Fur Sofa

For those of you who would like a more classic look but find the fur look interesting,  mohair may be the solution for you!  Mohair is a Wool Velvet which has a high pile.  Many designers think this particular look  resembles fur.  It has a history which dates back to before the 14th century.  It is  one of the oldest fibers still being produced and many upholster in it because of  it’s luxurious status.  Check out the look below…

Chesterfield Sofa in Mohair

Chesterfield Sofa in Mohair

Small Accessories with Fur

Fur is a texture that can become excessive in a room very quickly!  If you  prefer to add just little touches of texture to your the room, then think small accessories like ottomans, rugs, blankets, and small throw pillows. This look can give a subtle, very unique punch of texture to a room without becoming overwhelming.

interiors with fur ottomans.

interiors with fur ottomans.
Punch of texture with Fur Pillow

Punch of texture with Fur Pillow

Fur Throw adds a soft touch to a contemporary room.

Fur Throw Blanket adds a soft touch to a contemporary room.

Fur Throw adds a soft touch to a contemporary room

Fur Rug adds a soft touch to a contemporary room

Remember that fur is best treated as a small accessory!  If you choose to use this look for your room using it on a single piece will have the best impact.  This will keep it unique and interesting. As you have seen there are many types of fur that are suitable to incorporate into your room design including but not limited to wild animals, more domesticated animals, birds, and man-made fur. There are many ways to incorporate it in your home whether your tastes tend to be very classic or tend to have a lot of flair. Have a little fun and add some excitement to your decor excitement to your decor. Not only is it unique and fun but it is also soft and cozy and will bring a little warmth into your home on these cold winter days!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


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