Furniture That Grows with You!

When you find out that you are expecting a child,  designing a nursery is often at the top of your list. Buying all the things you want  in the nursery to help make parenting easier can quickly add up to be costly.  With all the extra expense a new baby brings to the family, many new parents do not to want to spend tons of money on baby furniture that will end up being donated or tossed out after a couple of years.  A great solution to this problem is to buy furniture that will grow with your child over time!

Most parents consider a rocker a necessity for the nursery because it will be a comfortable space where the new parents will be able to feed and bond with their child.     Investing  in a nice, comfortable good quality chair for a nursery seems extravagant to many because they feel that it will be a chair that will only be used for  a short time. A solution to this problem is to slip-cover a great chair in a fabric which works with your nursery’s theme, but upholster the chair in a solid fabric which may be more versatile for other areas of the home and can be moved once your child outgrows the nursery.  This will allow you to use the furniture around your home as needed for many years to come.

Nursery Rocker with Slipcover

Nursery Rocker with Slipcover

Another great idea to incorporate in the space is a storage ottoman.  When your child is an infant it can be used for storing extra diapers and other necessities. Once your child is ready to start playing with toys, this ottoman will be a great way to tuck away toys when not in use and keep your home looking tidy.  As your child outgrows their toys, this ottoman can be used as an extra area to store linens or throws. It can also serve as extra seating when the need arises.

Kid Storage Ottoman: Creating this look in a versatile fabric will allow you to grow with it over time.

Kid Storage Ottoman: Creating this look in a versatile fabric will allow it to grow with your family over time.

If you prefer a sofa in the nursery rather than a chair, then we would suggest a  new functional “Day Sofa Bed”.  Building a sofa which has a twin mattress as it’s seat cushion is a great way to create an extra, comfortable bed in the space and still be functional.  It is the perfect place for visitors to sleep or for you when ever the need arises. Slip covering the cushion will keep the sofa looking crisp over time. Once you no longer need a place to sleep in your child’s room, then it can be moved to a guest room or office. Check it out!

Fabrics and Frames Sofa Day Bed: Twin Mattress used as seat cushions

Fabrics and Frames Sofa Day Bed: Twin Mattress used as seat cushion

With all of these great ideas, why wouldn’t you want to invest a little more on quality furniture that will be able to grow with your family?  This will stretch your dollars overtime and save you from spending your hard-earned money on repairs or replacing the old, no longer useful furniture with new.  Remember Fabrics and Frames is the place to come for all your custom furniture solutions for all members of your family from the littlest to the oldest!

For more information about designing or where to get custom looks like these please visit our website:

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


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