Themed Rooms, How to Create One of Your Own…

Using a themed room is a  great way to help you create a unique kids room, an entertainment room, or dress up a small nook.  Many  individuals are keen to this idea because it can create a valuable quality to their home that reflects their personal style.  The look is not appropriate for all spaces, but can look fantastic if done correctly.

Kids Rooms

Kids rooms are the areas where you can have the most creativity and themed rooms become very important!  By creating murals on the walls one can create a great sense of fun for play areas and kids’ bedrooms.  When creating a room that uses a mural on the wall as the most dominate feature, you will want to stay more simplistic in your furnishings.  The remaining space calls for solids or small textures which coordinate with and complement the colors used in the mural.  This will allow you to focus more on the image.  If you would like to add a little bit of pattern  in the area you can add small throws or pillows for comfort.

Simplistic Fabrics with Mural

Simplistic Fabrics with Mural

Entertainment Spaces

Sports Themed Room

Sports Themed Room

If you are looking to create a space that more people in the house can enjoy,  a themed entertainment room would be perfect!  Most people tend to want to decorate their small throws areas with common themes such as sports teams  and movie reels.

Movie Theater Themed Room

Movie Theater Themed Room

Although the media room look is commonly achieved with media seating, this is not the only option available.  As long as there is some sort of tiering system incorporated in the room design, you can create a lounge style media room equipped with media room.  The tiering system is usually incorporated into a media room so that it can accommodate many eye levels without visual obstruction.  The original media chairs started as the now out- of -date bustle back featured recliners. Using more contemporary straight- lined sofas and chairs that range from 38″-42″ in depth will have the viewer cuddling up with their favorite movie buddy in a much more visually appealing space.  Check out the style of sofas that would help you achieve this look!

Square Arm Sofa with 40" Depth.  Loose Back Cushions

Square Arm Sofa with 40″ Depth. Loose Back Cushions

Contemporary Chair and Half Chaise Lounge

Contemporary Chair and Half Chaise Lounge

Small Nook Areas

Many people notice that there is often a small area in their home that seems a little boring and needs some sprucing up.   A great solution is adding a small mural which highlights the function of the space.  Wine cellars are great examples of small areas  in the home which you can enhance with art.

Wine Cellar Mural

Wine Cellar Mural

By using the existing space and adding a rendering which can enhance its appearance, you develop a look which becomes very peaceful, high end, and uniquely yours.  Other small enhancements to consider in a space like this  are bar stools and small benches.  Wine cellars are often attached to small bars.  In order to complete the look, you can change out the  seat cushions on your bar stools so that they coordinate with your painted wall visually connecting both small areas  and your space will be completely updated.  Here at Fabrics and Frames we specialize in custom furniture which can be created to fit any space.  Whether you are decorating a bedroom, media room, or small bar area we have the solutions to help you create your new space with an up to date style while keeping all of your needs in mind.

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


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