Merging the “Color of the Year” Colors Together

Every year Pantone chooses a list of colors which sets the trend for fashion, interiors, and merchandising.  With this in mind, we tend to see that everything around us in fashion and design is geared toward the particular chosen colors.  For some, this is great because it allows them to update their look and refresh their lifestyle.  For others, it seems to be a little wasteful  to try and update their style every year with a certain color combination.   By reviewing the  colors over the past few years you can see how the color trends have merged together thus making it easier and less expensive to remain current in your home design.

2011 Pink Chairs with 2013 Emerald interior space

2011 Pink Chairs with 2013 Emerald interior space

For the past three years (2011,2012,2013) the three “colors of year” were honey suckle pink, tango tangerine, and Emerald.  The balance of the color has remained on a even keel, allowing the designer to keep some of the favorite pieces of the past years and adding a touch of new items for the next year to keep current.  Updating the look doesn’t have to be a total makeover, but just an enhancement in trendsetting.

2011Pink and 2012 Orange Interior Colors

2011 Pink and 2012 Orange Interior Colors

Recently I have notice the trend of pink and orange merging in interior spaces once again.  As someone in the industry, I have seen this look for three years, but currently notice that it is one of the latest trends for the average consumer. This is a great thing because it allows those individuals who keep up with statement interior spaces to re-use some older pieces but enhance with fun pillows that incorporate this years color of the year, emerald.

2013 Emerald Green with 2012 orange interior space

2013 Emerald Green with 2012 Orange interior space

The original idea to merge these two colors together seems to have been inspired by the natural colors on the horizon line at dusk.  Any or all of these colors can be a great way to stretch your design budget by incorporating older items longer and re-using some of your favorite pieces.  Your interior space will stay trendy as long as you find unique ways to incorporate your older items with your newer pieces.  One of the key details to interior designing is finding statement furniture, such as older, vintage items which have a sentimental value or great ornate qualities to them.  By reupholstering them or re-vamping the stain or paint color, you can create a new life for most items, regardless if its a armoire, chair, or sofa. You can also keep your space current by adding just small touches of the current colors with pillows, ottomans, small benches and slipcovers. By being creative with your older pieces and investing in smaller new pieces it is easy to keep current and stay trendy without a huge investment!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


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