Designing in a world of Artist…

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending an art show which was put on by the Socialized Contemporary Art Bureau (S.C.A.B) in Dallas, Texas.  This particular group of artists: Eli Walker, Kelly Kroener, Justin Hunter Allen, Lucy Kirkman, Joshua von Ammon, Samantha McCurdy, Alexander DiJulio, Micheal Alexander Morris, and Frank Darko are the latest artists in Dallas who are pushing the boundaries of art’s subject matter that many believe to be worth pursuing.  This  look is grabbing the attention of many galleries and magazines which enjoy showcasing the very minimalistic and longue durée style.


What captivated me about this particular show was the space and the art.  Since Fabrics and Frames is a builder of custom furniture, I began to  wonder:  “What type of furniture would be appropriate for a movement of artworks that doesn’t require much aesthetics around?” For art collectors   it is important that the interior space be somewhat subdued, or have furniture that is designed by the latest artist/architects/ or designers.  These are all great ideas for the space, but what if you could create anything that you would like?  What would you create?

For those who are thinking outside the box, I would suggest one item in the room that could be a piece of art itself.  Although you would still want it to remain economical, I would like to suggest a couple of different styles that blend well with contemporary installation art.  Below are some looks which may work with this particular style.

Asymmetrical Sofa

Asymmetrical Sofa

The asymmetrical look is a safe look which can get your point across… It  draws attention to the sitting space while allowing the art to be showcased. This can be done with any color, just keep the fabric solid so that it does not distract from the space.  If you feel that this asymmetrical look is too safe and want something which may be more cutting edge, then go with a modular asymmetrical linear look.  When you create many different cube shaped blocks that bolt together, you can find a look that is quite comfortable and still will not be too distracting to the installation art.  It should coordinate well with this type of art since it appears to have an unfinished quality to it.

Asymmetrical Modular Furniture

Asymmetrical Modular Furniture

If you would prefer to create an eclectic space that calls attention to the  products in the room because of the design choice, then I would either pick something from the French Provencial period or from lines which Herman Miller would have carried.  If you happen to own some of these pieces or can find them in resale shops , Fabrics and Frames can help with the re-upholstery if they need refurbishing.  Since we carry a line of wool textured fabrics similar to those that originated on most Herman Miller products we can restore your piece of furniture to appear better than new.

Whether you decide to create your own new piece of furniture or want to refurbish an older piece to complete this look in your home then Fabrics and Frames is the place to visit. We have a huge selection of fabrics and can custom design most any piece you can imagine. For more information about designing or where to get custom looks like these please visit our website:

We are currently located at 5322 Alpha Rd, Dallas, Texas 75240972-385-4097.  Please contact us if you have any questions about this blog, and or follow us on Facebook!

Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


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