Using Green Design Creatively…

In today’s modern world people are generally not as concerned with living in the “perfect” home as much as those in the past.  Today’s modern home owners often tend to lean towards a particular style in designing their living space, but like to incorporate sentimental pieces that have influenced their lives into the design.  With many different blogs and social media apps like Pintrest,  Casasugar, and to look at today it is easy to find lots of ways to use your sentimental items in resourceful and creative ways.  These online resources that are readily available are helping to create a world of DIY thinkers and designers.

Do It Yourself Design

Sustainability is a key issue which drives modern times in design as well as all other aspects of our lives.  Knowing that we are responsible for destroying the Earth’s habitat often influences the way we design our homes.  Although many of us don’t like to keep old things that we are no longer using in our homes, it is possible to use many of these vintage and unique items to create awesome projects that will give your interior space great character.

Two things that you need to determine is “Where you are decorating?” and”Who you are decorating for?”   Another key factor to consider is the size and scale of  the space that you are decorating.  The space will determine how creative you can be.  If you are living in a small space, building small niches in the architecture of the interior can help showcase the items that you collect.  Even though the items we tend to collect tend to be non-functional, we find that some functional items can be used as decoration as well.   Color coordinating items such as dishes, appliances, and towels will enhance the color scheme in your room.

Coordinating Shelves with Interior Space

Coordinating Shelves in an Interior Space

Organizing is a great way to keep the space functional.  It is not always necessary to purchase new items to make your home more organized. By decorating with things you already own you can create a space which showcases your personality as well as being functional.  Once you have decided on which items will best suite your needs, revamping your older items can be the next step to making your home more uniquely yours.

Many times at Fabrics and Frames, we have an individual who loves and is very attached to their sofa, chair, or ottoman, but over the years it has developed a problem.  Sometimes the spring system in the furniture has started to give way or  it may be the arm on their favorite occasional chair is starting to become loose.  Whatever the case may be, we have developed solutions over the years to save your most precious pieces.  Although it is not always possible, we try to fix the problem without altering the original condition.  If it is not possible then we will have to reupholster it. We understand that vintage and antique pieces of furniture often come with history.  There is a reason why they are cherished, regardless if it is for the design or sentimental reasons.

Fabrics and Frames Before and After Chair

Fabrics and Frames Before and After Chair

Designing a new home does not have to be expensive.  By using creative solutions to enhance the look of what you already own is the best way to stay green and on a budget.  With the money that you save from decorating with items you already own, you can put money aside to reupholster or fix a piece of furniture that has needed some much needed attention and love for awhile.

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


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