Neon Interiors

Today’s latest designer trends incorporate the color spectrum’s brightest colors.  Neon colors can be seen from fashion, to art, and even in upholstery.  Since these colors are so vivid and vibrant, this color trend tends to have a call to action appeal and rapidly draws the eye to the area where the color is presented.


Often the idea of using bright colors in an interior space will scare the average decorator because it is difficult to manage and has a short lifespan.  If you are daring and choose to decorate using this color scheme, then a tip is to use neon colors sparingly in areas that will highlight a great accessory, art piece, or small area.  This will keep you from overdoing the color, yet it will con-temporize the space.


When you use these colors in a minimalistic way, you should incorporate them with neutral color schemes.   Just keep in mind that neon colors are currently a trendy way to update your home and trends typically do not stay around forever.  By keeping these colors limited to smaller accessories  it will be easier for you to dispose of the trend once it is past its prime.

For those who really want to use the color in a larger piece of furniture, carved framed furniture is great for the neon look.  When you decorate with antique styled furniture, your interior space becomes much more eclectic if you choose modern accessories to incorporate in the space.  One of the most classic trends that has been around for many years is lacquered furniture frames and is suitable for these neon colors.  This look allows you to choose your favorite color for the frames, regardless of shade, and incorporate it in your interior.

Lacquered Furniture Art

Lacquered Furniture Art

There are many different ways to use great color in your interior.  Although using neon colors is not one of the most traditional ways to decorate, it is currently one of the most trendy ways.  Another popular way to incorporate neon colors in your room scheme is by using patterned fabrics.  Most often fabrics incorporating very unique colors can be very expensive.  A great way around this is to create your own design , then getting an online fabric company to print it onto a fabric for you.  This will ensure that you will love the finished product and give you a sense of accomplishment as well.  Once you have your fabric, you can place it on small occasional chairs, curtains, or small ottomans and pillows.  Fabrics and Frames is a furniture manufacturer that allows customers to bring in their own materials. So if you choose to design your own fabric or are just searching for the perfect one, Fabrics and Frames is the place to get all of your interior design trends implemented.

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


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