Floral is Back!

Flowers are a symbol of peace, serenity, and love.  Many choose to decorate with this image because  floral patterns have been  a statement in traditional furniture for centuries.  When used as accents to bring the colors of the room together, this particular look will give a subtle feminine influence to a room’s decor.

Vector Floral Pattern

Since the early 90’s, traditional floral patterns have been gradually fading away and transitioning into something which looks like a minimalist approach using contemporary vector art. With this look individuals are able to place a splash of floral design in their home without overwhelming the look so that it appears too feminine.  By keeping the floral patterns to a minimum of 2-6 colors, this look mimics famous printmakers similar to Andy Warhol’s contemporary art images.

Andy Warhol's Flowers

For the 2013 Summer Season, many new fabrics and products are being produced that help create a “Garden Party” theme.  Using colors like Tangerine Orange, Emerald, Rhododendron Pink, Bright Yellow, and Peony Pink brightens up the space with great vivid colors and complements the season of summer.  If you are one who is contentious of the seasons and always looking to transition your space to reflect different parts of the year, a tip would be to invest in some solid cooler toned pillows or accessories to mix with the vivid colors of the summer so that your room will not be too over powered by the brightness.

Floral Interiors using solid pillows

Many of the current trends are inspired by the earth’s natural hues.  Floral arrangements are chosen by the many different bold tones of floral arrangements.  Some of the most vibrant flowers are the Gerber daisies, which come in a wide array of pigments.  Other often used colors are influenced by those in the horizon.  Inspiration comes from what is familiar to us. As we  notice the foliage  pigment changes as the seasons change, we are inspired to choose  a variety of different hues to bring into our interiors.  Although you may be inclined to choose brighter hues for the summer, you may be more prone to choose a palette which suits your needs all year round.  A great combination would be Earth tones of Orange, Green, Gold and Purple. The colors can remain the same but the hues can change with the seasons.

Florals will always be in style in some fashion or the other. The trick to keeping up with the times is to adapt your style to the current trends using colors that make you happy and content!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


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