Autumn and Winter Design Colors for 2013.

In the design world, the colors that are chosen for each season are often based off  the trends which are set by the leaders of design.  Their picks are often inspired by the colors of the world around them.  Weather and nature are topics that everyone can understand and relate to, so many times colors chosen by the designers are inspired by the colors of the Earth.

For the upcoming season of Autumn and Winter 2013 leading into 2014, you will notice that designers have given us several options.  These options are determined by mood of design and an overall aesthetic achievement.  There are four categories that are influencing this year’s upcoming interior look: Flint Colors, Storm Colors, Clash Colors, and Alpine Colors.

Flint Colors: “The Rock Inspired Look”

Flint Colours

Flint is a marbleized rock found in nature which has many different colors incorporated into it.   Reminiscent of the Earth’s natural colors, this combinations of colors like: Neanderthal, Cromagnon, Lascaux, Mammoth, Knapped, Bone, Slate, and Foraged keep the interior space calm and inviting.    The look is easy to maintain because it is made up of many colors which are subtle and neutral in tone, allowing an easy transition through the years.

Flint Colors Inspired Bedroom

Storm Colors: “The Dark and Calm Look”


For a number of years now, grey tones and dark colors have been leading the design trends.  Pulling inspiration from natural storm colors, such as: sandstorm, hurricane, martian , flash, cumulus, lumen, tumult, and thunder, this look transforms your home into a cozy sophisticated interior space.  By highlighting minimal colors and encouraging a slight metallic touch  gives a twilight touch to your space.

Storm Colored Interiors

Clash Colors: “Bringing Energy to the Room”

Clash Colors

The colors which  inspire the Clash look, pull from the energetic, raw and brush colors that are used in advertising and graphic design.  This contemporary look infuses the room with colors like: lambeth, dandy, persimmon, laudanum, Havana, canary, melancholy, and jadeite. These colors bring an energy to a room that the previous colors have ignored. For those who have small spaces that need a punch, this color combination can highlight that perfect niche.

Clash Colored Interiors

Alpine Colors:  ” Tranquility from The Alps”

Alpine Colors

The European mountain range, The Alps, have also influenced the colors of this season.  The tones and colors which are used in this palette pull from the large animals , graceful ambiance, and woodland and country flower theme which the landscape has to offer.  This particular space covers eight countries in the European land, allowing variation in hues to emerge such as: larch, cedar, juniper, pinecone, fondue, firefrost, drizzle, and gluwen.  All tones can be combined to create a layout which is inviting, yet tranquil.

Here at Fabrics and Frames we understand the importance of color combinations and how they control the type of energy that you want your room to project. We inspire to help our customers create the most aesthetically pleasing spaces, as well as design  help that will transition there interiors through time.  If you need assistance in creating a trendy colored space or are looking for a one stop resource for choosing fabrics and furniture let Fabrics and Frames help you. Our very qualified design staff is always ready to give you whatever help you want whether it is designing an entire room or just adding a few pieces to update for the current season!

For more information on  where to get more ideas on designing and custom looks  please visit our website:

We are currently located at 5322 Alpha Rd, Dallas, Texas 75240972-385-4097.  Please contact us if you have any questions about this blog, and or follow us on Facebook!

Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


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