The New “It” Thing… Glitter!

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Glitter, Glitter, Glitter!  When you think of glitter you probably don’t think of high- end design.  Throughout the past year though, glitter has become a huge influence in the design world.  From Art, Fashion, and Interior Design, glitter has emerged as one of the next big trends.

The Art World

This past December, Dallas Contemporary Museum, showcased a New York artist by the name of Rob Pruitt with an exhibition that featured a collection of his work that consisted of glittered pandas.  This collection really opened my eyes to the boundaries that glitter can reach  by seeing large scaled canvas prints which showed glitter being successfully used in high-end art.



Although Rob Pruitt had an interesting answer to the question of “What art may be…”, he expanded the boundaries that many young new artists and designers may be afraid to even journey past.  As is usually the case  for professional designers, new trends in design often follow…

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