Symmetry in your Interior

When consulting with a new client I have have found that before we can collaborate on the design of a new space it is very important to find out what type of design my client  will feel most comfortable embracing in their space.  Symmetry in the space is an important aspect of the design plan.  Currently in design the trendy thing is to be less symmetrical or asymmetrical.  By adding bright colors to a space and embracing the idea of an asymmetrical design, you can create a look which redefines the color block look.

Many individuals already use this concept of asymmetrical designs in nail designs and fashion, but this look is just beginning to emerge in interiors .   To embrace this look you need to first choose one color which will become the dominate color in the design.  From there you will carefully choose other colors which work with this color as well as embrace the overall feel that you are aiming to achieve. It is adamant that your space brings you comfort whether it is energy or a sense of peace so your accent colors are very important to your final design. By choosing this design style, you are able to keep crisp, clean lines giving you a space with an overall style that appears to be more contemporary.  This will allow your accessories, which are the icing to the cake, to stand out and show off their unique qualities to both you and your guests.

Asymmetrical Colors in Interiors

Please keep in mind when designing, the look is not only about color.  Symmetry is also important to keep in mind as a guideline to placing objects in the room.  Well-spaced planned interiors  will allow your client to use existing furniture and mix it with new pieces.  Although it would be ideal to only use furniture that fits perfectly in your space, the reality is that we generally have to work with what we have.  There are many times that someone will have three chairs and one sofa, or a scenario where you have 2 different chairs in the room.  This is a situation in which asymmetrical decisions must be made.  Take into consideration that when the chairs are separate from each other it is ok for them to be in two different patterns.   Having odd pairs in the room will allow for more seating as long as your space is large enough and doesn’t become to crowded. Remember the most important thing in designing a space is that the client is comfortable with the finished room and feels joy when walking into it!living-room-57710-1900

Here at Fabrics and Frames we think outside the box and try to accommodate our clients with design solutions which fit their needs.  There is no right or wrong way in design but as designers we try to use our knowledge and expertise to give our clients a space that is not only ergonomical and beautiful but also functions for the individual.

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


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