Making your Dining Room Aesthetically Functional for You!

As more and more individuals are leaning towards a more contemporary lifestyle, the nature of minimalism has permeated our living spaces.  Contemporary designs are generally considered to be lacking ornamental embellishments.  As someone who has designed for many different genres of furniture styles, some advise is  to design for comfort regardless of style or taste.

When you design with comfort in mind, you do not compromise the overall look of the space for comfort. As you begin your quest for the perfect design you must find a niche between comfort and style to accommodate your area.  For this upcoming new year, the forecast of trend setting areas in the home is the dining area.  Although for the past decade or so, the formal dining area was seen as obsolete, the  need to have a space to entertain family and friends during the holiday season has risen in demand.


When scouting out for new dining chairs, a common dilemma is that the chair tends to be built so that hard-surface, poor quality, and comfort  are prime attributes to the aesthetics.  The new dining trends will highlight softer, larger, and an overall more comfortable experience.  Although you will see a difference in price from the moderately inexpensive chair which can possibly retail around $200 each to very expensive custom pieces, an investment in dining chairs that will last and be comfortable is almost a no-brainier…

Custom creating a design for a quality chair can be what your space needs.  Since dining chairs are not as large as fully upholstered chairs, you are able to add pattern to them and continue to have a peaceful environment.  Although the trend generally has solids pushing the way for design so that small details such as: tufting, nail heads, trims and buttons can primarily be the focus.  Remember that this is not the only reason why solids are used in furniture upholstery.  When a manufacturer decides on a particular fabric to be on its design, the majority reasoning behind a solid is to keep the process simple thereby less expensive.


Solids by their nature do not have patterns, meaning that there is no pattern matching to take into consideration in the manufacturing process. It is difficult to create a unique chair that is specific to you room if you are limited to a solid fabric unless you add embellishments. Even if you like to use solids because of its simplistic style, a way to have your chairs maintain their high-end appeal is by creating a hybrid or calico look.   Hybrid designs  are when you have two different fabrics incorporated into one design.  Dining chairs usually have solid in-backs and seats with a pattern out-back.  A benifit to this type of style is that this is an easy re-upholstery job when your pattern becomes out-dated or worn. Another benefit to this technique is that the interior fabric where you sit can be very durable and the exterior fabric can be more decorative giving you the best of both worlds.

Here at Fabrics and Frames we specialize in high-end quality design.  Creating custom looks for the past 35 years has allowed us to perfect our designs so that they last a lifetime.  Investing in something which will keep your family, guests, and friends comfortable is something which we take pride in.  With a lead design staff who specializing in today’s trend setting techniques, the choice of getting a well manufactured USA made product is unarguable.  With general lead times of 3-4 weeks, you will find that Fabrics and Frames will be your go-to place when it comes to pleasing your aesthetic needs whether you are looking for dining room chairs or an entire room of beautiful upholstered furniture.

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


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