Feng Shui vs. Accessorizing…

A common debate in the interior design world is the question of how many items should be placed in a room.  Based off the theory of Feng Shui, a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy, this theory argues that allowing too many objects in the home can create bad energy for your space.

Many studies about cluttered spaces  have shown that a cluttered interior can affect  a person’s psyche. Those who practice a feng shui lifestyle will argue that having a cluttered space will lead to fatigue, hopelessness, and poverty.   One may ask, How can having objects in my space be bad for me?  I  have personally even considered this question myself, but after researching this subject I have been  swayed from over accessorizing towards a more minimalistic style.

Feng Shui Interior

Feng Shui Interior

Through research I have found that when you have too much “stuff” in one area, a person will become visually and psychologically drained of energy, making the individual less motivated in their personal accomplishments in life.   With each item that is placed in the space, you create stimulation for the mind to draw energy towards. When the item is pleasant such as a piece of artwork, you may notice that the space becomes inviting, but if the item is negative, such as a stack of bills, then you become unmotivated and less likely to do something about it.

Here at Fabrics and Frames we tend to work with  clients whom primarily have traditional tastes in furniture .  One thing that I have noticed is that traditionalist tend to be collectors.  Collecting objects such as fine china, thumb nails, tapestries, etc. will fill their rooms, making the space visually stimulating.  One common issue that they tend to talk about is that their items generate a numerous amount of dust, keeping them in constant  frustration about cleanliness.  Feng Shui talks about how a person can become hopeless because they acquire too much, and overwhelm themselves psychologically to the point of frustration because of the upkeep of the items.  This is one reason many minimalists tend have less stuff in their homes.

Cluttered Bedroom

Cluttered Bedroom

Finally the last key issue of having too many accessories is that it can lead to financial setbacks.    Collecting accessories in abundance can turn out to be quite costly.  One feature of high-end homes or spaces is that most of the cost is spent in the ornamental features of the space and less on the accessories.  This allows the space to have a rich look, yet have a clean space.

Spring cleaning is right around the corner, and with these tips in mind, it is a great time to clean your space so that it becomes more Feng Shui while showing off your character.   By donating  or selling items which you no longer use , you can make space for new patterns.  With the extra money that you may get from selling old objects, reupholstering can be a great way to give your space a new face lift, without accumulating more and therefore your room will remain more minimalistic.

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


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