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The word “Chic” is a great adjective we use in the industry to describe many different trends.  This particular word can be combined with almost any style, a few examples: “Bohemian- Chic”, “Sleek-Chic”, and “Arsty-Chic”.   As younger designers start to make statements with their design choices, they develop a jargon to describe certain stylistic characteristics for the general public.  The words created are usually drawn from fashion trends, art-movements, and everyday sayings.  I recently read an article about fabric patterns and how the trend is gearing towards a “boho-chic (bohemian chic)” look which made me smile. So I’m sharing it with you!

 What is Bohemian Chic?  How do I create this look for my home?

Bohemian Chic Room Bohemian Chic Room

To understand what the term “Bohemian Chic” means, you must understand the term “bohemian” first!  A bohemian person is described as “a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in…

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