How To Make Your Home Uniquely Yours

Throughout  the course of the past ten years, we have seen a trend toward more minimalistic designs in the interior space of a home.  Some years the trends were more in demand than others, but we have never lost sight of clean lines and simplistic styles.  As we venture towards a new wave in interior design, we see that minimalism is not necessarily what the public is demanding and  designers are meeting their demands.

Chic Interior with many accessories

Chic Interior with many accessories

Although we still would like to have a clean lined home, many individuals are turning towards “retro” and “vintage” details to give their home  one of a kind appeal.  In our lifetime, we often inherit items that are handed down to us and have no idea what to do with them.  We are faced with the decision of restoring them, revamping them into something else, or throwing them away.  Many times there is sentimental attachment to these items so we keep them and relegate them to a space where no one gets to see them.

The good news now is that because we are leaning towards a more inviting era of design and accessories, it is becoming more acceptable to have a busy, yet organized, shelf or table in your space.  The idea with such a space is to create an environment that is appealing to the eye.  This doesn’t mean that you have to decorate sparsely in your space but it does mean that you have to be well organized.  When creating an environment like this, you can place items which were once stored away safely, and incorporate a style which everyone will be able to enjoy.

Styled Bookcase

Styled Bookcase

Creativity in decorating is key when organizing.  Yes, you can gather ideas from blogs and magazines, but the truth is that you may never be able to replicate what you see exactly, so improvising and creating what looks good to you is the best solution.  One suggestion is that it is generally easier to buy a few items and incorporate them in a display with items which are uniquely yours such as things that have been passed down to you.  Here at Fabrics and Frames we host a gallery from artists which are represented around the United States.  In our collection you find unique items which you won’t see in your neighbor’s house.  Sometimes collecting from an artist is a way to create a one-of- a- kind style.  Another way to create a unique environment is to upholster pieces in unusual fabrics  not seen in the everyday store.

Unique style in accessories and furniture

Unique style in accessories and furniture

Whatever your taste may be, it should reflect who you are as a person.  Simplistic style is great for some, but allowing yourself to create using your own unique items and creating nostalgic memories can be a way to enjoy your heritage as well as your home!

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Written By: Erica Guajardo

Edited By: Linda Decuir


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