IT’S BEEN A YEAR! Fabrics and Frames Top 12 Blogs!

This year Fabrics and Frames completed their first year of blogging!  With that, we would like to countdown our  picks for blog topic –  One for each month of the year.

January: “Buying New??? Think Twice…”

Broken Arm Sofa

Broken Arm Sofa

In this particular blog, Fabrics and Frames looks at how our society has started to lean towards disposable furniture.  We have been in the industry for 35 years and have a couple of questions for you to answer which may help determine if you are a disposable type or a long lasting type.

February: “Using the Basic Elements of Design to create A Visually Appealing Room”

Gives a feeling of Balance, Formality, and Altertness

When designing a interior space there are seven different key areas which you must consider.  In this blog we analyze the seven basic elements of design and how they can help you create a visually appealing room.

March: “Creating Conversational Pieces of Furniture to Create an Artsy Chic Look!”

Transitional Styled Chair with Textured Cotton Print

Designing with bold statement furniture is not always for everyone, but this look is a great to start conversations.  This blog tells you how to create a chic interior space using conversational accents which feature unique looks and acrylic furniture.

April: “Glamour in Your Decor”

Old Hollywood Glamour

Old Hollywood Glamour

Is your favorite interior room scheme surrounded by glitz and glamour?  Then this blog may be for you!  Showing the reader how to create a room that is based of the “Old Hollywood Glamour” Style.

May: “A Lesson in Anthropomorphism and Design”

Anthony Redmile Anthromophism Chair

Education is key when learning about art, architecture, and design.  This particular blog  goes into depth about when inaniment objects take on human characteristics.

June: “Typography: How it is being used in fabrics, architecture, and design”

Burlap Sack used to cover Wing Chairs.

Burlap Sack used to cover Wing Chairs.

Text is all around us, but how is it trending?  This blog talks about how typography is created to make statements on furniture, architecture, and advertising designs.

July: “Celebrating Marilyn Monroe…How she influences interiors”

Traditional Interior using Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe.

Traditional Interior using Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe.

2012 marked the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s Death.  Since then she has influenced a number of genres of design.  Check this blog out to see how!

August: “Graffiti and Furniture Design”

Wall Graffiti Mural displayed in contemporary home.  Using a solid "L" shape sectional to emphasize that graffiti and upholstered furniture can still make the home appealing, comfortable, and inviting to guest.

Wall Graffiti Mural displayed in contemporary home. Using a solid “L” shape sectional to emphasize that graffiti and upholstered furniture can still make the home appealing, comfortable, and inviting to guest.

When graffiti is given a proper place to make a statement,  it can be seen as a form of art and design.  This blog looks into the establishments that are making ways for graffiti artists to be able to create their masterpieces in public places.   It also delves into ways to use this style in your home.

September: “Understanding Color and Learning New Color Combinations”

The Munsell Color Tree

The Munsell Color Tree

When creating a room, it is important to understand the colors that you will be using.  This blog helps the viewer to understand the color wheel and which color combinations may work well with each other.

October: Artist and Furniture

"Living Room" by Francisco Moreno2012mixed media8 x 8x 5 ft

“Living Room” by Francisco Moreno
mixed media
8 x 8x 5 ft

In many of our blogs we highlight different areas of art and design to help the viewer understand how to incorporate these looks in their homes.  This particular blog high lights the Dallas Artist Francisco Moreno’s Exhibition at the Oliver Francis Gallery and shows the viewer how works like his can be incorporated into their home.

November: “Small Accents with Unique Flare”

Decorative Scalloped Based Ottoman creates unique touch to the ambiance of the room scheme.

Decorative Scalloped Based Ottoman creates unique touch to the ambiance of the room scheme.

Are you an individual who is more minimalistic in nature? This blog explains how you can add small touches to furniture to create a unique style, yet keep it simple!

December: “Fur…Interior Faux Pas or Interior Trend?”

French Laquered White Chair with Feathered Fabric

French Lacquered White Chair with Feathered Fabric

Do you like to bring your animalistic side out in your interior?  This blog shows you how to create the perfect animal setting with out making it tacky or distasteful.

This year has been one to remember!  We are grateful that so many viewers’- almost 15,000 views this year- enjoy our blog and started to follow us because of it!  If you are one of our followers and wish to share this blog with some of your closest friends and family, choose this week’s blog!  It will give them a sample of what we are all about and what to look forward to in 2013.  Till then, we wish everyone a happy and safe holiday and a very Happy New Year! From the Fabrics and Frames Family to Yours!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


Giving Thanks in November!

In America we celebrate a tradition called Thanksgiving. Although there are many different versions of this tradition associated with different religions around the world, Americans gather on the fourth Thursday in November to give thanks.  This tradition was originally brought to us by the harvest festival from New England, when the pilgrims that landed in 1621 on Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts, migrated here and brought their religious traditions to the new land as a way to celebrate a good harvest.  As you know this tradition left a footprint on America forever as a holiday that is celebrated by most of us!

In modern America, we are living with  concerns which generate a greater cause for what we should be thankful for.  We tend to take our natural resources  for granted and expect our  water, food, and shelter to be plentiful.  Recently I had the pleasure to visit the Cohn Drennan Contemporary Gallery in Dallas, for their exhibition Le Temps de L’eau, Take Me to the River which was curated by Cohn Drennan.  This exhibition was about a group of artists and institutions which collaborated together to bring awareness to the precious resource of water.

Le temps de l’eau

While attending the exhibition I was privileged to have a conversation with one of the artists in the show, David Carlson.   He explained to me about his personal religion and its influence on his perception of water.   During our conversation, as we were looking at his video installation called Water Quilt,  he explained the hidden explanations of each section and why it moves in the order that it does.   After our conversation was over, I sat for a few moments in front of the installation and realized that this particular piece could be a great contemporary way to involve installation art in holiday soirees.

David Carlson and Betsy Stewart
Water Quilt
video installation

If you choose to use this particular piece for a Thanksgiving event, it should encourage your guests  to realize what is really most important in their lives.  This piece comes across as creating a very tranquil ambiance,  almost hypnotizing the individual into understanding that we do take water for granted and possibly reigniting pleasant memories that are associated with a particular time where we had water around us that we took for granted.  If you are open to the enlightenment of the piece, then you will certainly be encouraged to give thanks to this precious resource as well as those surrounding you during the holiday season.

So the questions becomes: What type of interior would help complement a video installation like “Water Quilt”?

Orange Thanksgiving Decor

Since Thanksgiving falls during the season where the leaves are falling from the trees and turning various shades of the colors orange, red, and yellow, we  associate these colors with the Fall and spread them though out our decor.  If you are an individual who likes to the mark the holidays with theme colored decor, then this video installation could be the perfect contrast to your Thanksgiving decor.  Since orange is the complementary color to blue, the hue from the water will complement the orange decor which is present throughout the home as well as  spark wonderful conversations with your guests.

Chic Modern Thanksgiving

If your interior tends to be more chic and modern, then your Thanksgiving may look something like the picture above.  By using a installation piece like Water Quilts, you may be so lucky to find out that reflections of water may bounce from the projector onto the acrylic furniture that you may be using to decorate your home.  This will give you a Thanksgiving which becomes interactive with movement.  If this is going to be a setting in which you will be sitting for a number of hours then I would  suggest to have removable white seat cushions made for padding and support.

Transitional Thanksgiving

For most individuals,  Thanksgiving just means getting together with loved ones and friends.  Although incorporating art may be adding a new element to your tradition, this will certainly encourage many different conversations throughout  your home during the holidays.  If you are intrigued by this type of  a conversation piece projecting on a empty wall, then I would suggest trying this new innovative projection of art.  An alternative way to use this type of installation would be to create a piece which represents your family’s memories through out the year.  You will be surprised at how interactive this idea can be when incorporated in a group setting!

Here at Fabrics and Frames we are always trying to figure out new ways to create an atmosphere in your home in which you enjoy spending time in and the holidays are the perfect time to spruce it up.  By staying current with the times and being creative with our ideas we pride ourselves on creating wonderful interiors. Whether we are helping you space plan  your interior with new furniture, repairing a sofa which the family dog chewed, or reupholstering an old heirloom to give it new life, we are here to help!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir

For More Information about the artist or gallery, please refer to this link:

Creating Conversational Pieces of Furniture to Create an Artsy Chic Look!

As you browse through the latest issue of your favorite interior design magazine, you will notice that one of the new trends in home furnishings is to add an unusual piece of furniture that says “Look at me!” into your room.  Interior designers are stepping away from the traditional and allowing themselves to create bold new looks that mostly focus on using creative patterns and textures to make bold statements.  Like these below:

Bold Statement Conversational Furniture

Transitional Styled Chair with Textured Cotton Print

Keeping the front transitional and simple with neutral cotton fabric. Using Ball and Claw leg to give the piece an eclectic feel. Whimsical Beach Texture Cotton Print to make bold artsy statement.

Create hierarchy with a living space with a fun patterned novelty chair! Using fabrics that are inspired by Navajo and Mexican Traditional Blankets is a great way to create a modern heritage look!

Bold Trendy Look that every designer is trying to squeeze into their design! This unique styled birdcage chair is one of the leading trends in design, making its mark in trendy bold colors and patterns. This chair can be used in the most modern rooms to transitional styled rooms!

Acrylic Inspired Furniture

Another look that designers are starting to trend towards is acrylic inspired furniture. Although the furniture stays predominately traditional in shape, the use of acrylic legs on wood furniture is the new “it” thing to do!  From parsons chair legs to Queen Anne legs in acrylic, this look is starting to place its footprint on the way new-edge designers are creating new trends.  Some examples are provided below:

Bronze Velvet Armed Bench with Queen Anne Acrylic Legs.

White Leather Fully Upholstered Bed with tapered Acrylic Leg.

Brown Velvet Traditional Bench with Acrylic Legs.

Yellow Texture Tufted Bench with tapered Parsons Acrylic Legs.

By adding this translucent look to a room it naturally allows the furniture to blend with any particular interior design scheme as well as helping to make the piece feel lighter in the room.  This look is great for the person that wants to stay transitional with a modern twist.

So how do I get this Artsy Chic look?

Answer: Use Fabrics and Frames C.O.M. Program

Fabrics and Frames Furniture offers a program which allows designers and inspiring designers to bring or send customers own materials to our showroom.  We like to encourage the average person to get creative with their room. With this program the customer can create the exact look that they are trying to achieve.  Although we have a staff of designers in the showroom to assist you in making the best decisions for the overall look of your room, we understand that you have your own ideas and may already know exactly what you would like. We can work out the ergonomic details if you send us a picture of what you are trying to achieve.  This program does require the customer to send us the fabrics and or acrylic legs that you would like to use. We are also always happy to help you find that perfect fabric!

If you are not looking to do the design work yourself…Our showroom designers will do the work for you!  We offer free in-house design services for people that are looking to complete a project that they have been neglecting.   We can build custom upholstered furniture which is made to your specs in our Dallas showroom! Or if you have an existing unique piece that you need to reupholster we can do that too! Fabrics and Frames is always looking for an excuse to help our clients create new inspirational designs.  For more information or questions about designing or where you get custom looks like these please visit our website:

We are currently located at 5322 Alpha Rd, Dallas, Texas 75240. 972-385-4097.  Please contact us if you have any questions about this blog at, and or follow us on Facebook!

Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir

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