The Masculine Approach to Interiors

When decorating a home or room for a man, looking at men’s clothing trends is a good place to start. If you open up any men’s fashion magazine like GQ, you will find that tweeds, suit plaids, and checks are always the front runners in fabric choices that make a man’s wardrobe so chic.  Although many times this particular look is very simplistic in color and pattern, textures can be the highlight that makes this look so fantastic.

Although many interiors that are created for women are filled with color, a man’s interior should be somewhat more simplistic in color.  By focusing on shades and tones instead of color is one of the most common differences in creating a bachelor pad vs. a bachelorette’s pad.

First Step to creating a successful Male Interior is knowing which color scheme to choose…

The majority of the time when I speak with men about fashion or interior space, their preferences are usually dark colors for their interior space.  Black leather is one of the most common textiles for the man’s dwelling.   Using black leather leaves little to the imagination. Often you can incorporate this look with other more striking  patterns and designs to create a much more sophisticated look. There are many other colors which pair well with black including white, grey, navy blue, brown, and red.

When using darker colors for interiors, a major factor is to consider is how balance, tone, and weight refer to color.  Darker colors tend to throw off the balance of colors because they have such a heavy weight. When you use them with lighter colors, the contrast in the room must be balanced well so that it doesn’t draw attention to one area of the room and leave the other area left to be unseen.

This is an example of a well balanced Black and white room.  By incorporating awning strip pillows onto the white sofa it pulled the from the darker areas of the room and created a more balanced look with less contrast.  The pictures are also creating the same type of look.

This is an example of a well balanced black and white room. By incorporating awning strip pillows onto the white sofa it pulled the from the darker areas of the room and created a more balanced look with less contrast. The art is also creating the same type of look.


This is an example of a unbalanced interior space. Because the seating area is so dark and the accessories are so light, the room looks bottom heavy. Drawing attention away from the accessories and toward the seating area is unbalanced. A way to allow this to flow better is to incorporate something which brings both light and dark together, possibly a patterned accessory.

Second Step: Pulling accessories which represent your masculine achievements, hobbies, or interest.

Bragging Rights are always a way to get peoples attention and men are more prone to be competitive.   Whether  you are bragging about your own achievements or an achievement of someone close to you, you probably have collected items which have become an interest to you.  For many males  art, sports, and alcoholic beverages are areas which a man may be interested in.  If you are decorating for a man, you could choose items in these areas to represent their unique style.

Masculine Artwork

Masculine Artwork

Step 3: Masculine Patterns

When decorating an interior space which has a traditional purpose to it, you would commonly not have lots of  checks, plaids, and stripes together because they can detract from one another.  When decorating for a bachelor’s pad this is not the case.  Scale is a very important thing to consider, if the patterns are different scales (small, medium, and large) you will find that the patterns will start to work together in the room.  Often based off of the tailoring and style of a man’s suite it is a great look and can be very sophisticated!  Many men like to mix and match patterns together from their pin-stripe jackets, checkered button-up, and novelty inspired pocket square.

Bachelor Interior

Bachelor Interior

If you are looking to create a space which suits your bachelor pad standards, but still need a women’s touch, come visit the staff at Fabrics and Frames which has been inbusiness of 35 years and has ASID certified designers who have a great eye for design.

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


Frugality in Furniture…Looking at Younger Generations Perspectives vs. Older Generations Perspectives

How does buying high quality furniture translate into frugality in furniture purchases? We need to look at the older generation’s philosophy about consumer spending.  Most of the  people over 40 have a different perspective when buying furniture than a person in their twenties.  As buyers begin to establish themselves financially they also  begin to see furniture as an investment just as their parents did. They are savy enough to know that quality does not come cheap and know that ” You pay for what you get!”  is generally true. They understand that there is a reason why you pay more for a better product. They also did not grow up in as disposable a society as we have seen in the last generation.

Fabrics and Frames Furniture has been endorsing quality furniture for 34 years and has found that in the last decade or so we have predominantly catered to the over 40 consumer.  On occasion we do come across a savy younger shopper who understands and appreciates quality in furniture.    But why doesn’t every younger person shop with quality in mind?  As someone in their late twenties, I frequently come across peers who say that they don’t want to spend $2,000 plus for a sofa that will last them a lifetime because they see furniture as disposable and want to constantly change their room every couple of years.  They are still learning who they are and what their style is. Although I see their point that a room can become stagnant, I don’t understand why they will spend $1000 plus for a sofa that they will only get to use for 3-5 years before it begins to fall apart.  I try to show them how it will be more economical for them to spend more on a quality piece in a furniture style that is classic and  change the small accessories around the room to update their look every couple of years.

On  Sunday, August 18, 2012, I  came across an article in the Dallas Morning News called Think long-term when shopping for new furniture  which explained how we have had a consumer  mentality of  being wasteful.  We have been living by certain  mottoes such as: “Buy Cheap”, “If it breaks, throw it away” and ” When you’re tired of something, give it away and start over.”   We are constantly reminded that economic times are still hard for many even though they have improved over the last couple of years.  With this in mind, isn’t it more economical to invest in a product that you have always wanted or really love that will give you years and years of use?  We need to get back to the  days of our grandparents who bought furniture to keep for years and would reupholster several times before discarding it.  Refurbish, restyle, and reuse are becoming more in vogue as our society is beginning to see the errors of its ways in being so disposable.  Our society is becoming more aware of its wastefulness which is a great thing. As we watch our landfills grow and water supplies shrink we are getting back to a more frugal society more like our ancestors. We find more and more classic furniture options in the stores today.The classic styles of sofas that have been around for centuries  can have an eclectic style that fits in with the current trends.  Some of the styles  include the chesterfield sofa, mid-century style sofas, and danish styled sofas.  What all of these pieces have in common are linear lines  which do not become dated as our tastes change. They adapt well to whatever the new trends bring us.

This chesterfield styled sofa has roots dating back to early 18th century furniture. To enhance a contemporary feel, this sofa can handle vibrant colors as well as neutral tones.

This particular piece of furniture has many straight linear lines with in the furniture frame itself, juxtaposed with minor rounded corners to create a softer home look. Small tapered legs give it a modern, low to the ground appeal.

This particular style of furniture is classic because it started to emerge around the early 1940’s and 1950’s. Great classic shows like “I love Lucy” and “Dick van Dyke” would show this style of furniture in the background. Currently in high demand among individuals, this straight lined retro sofa is a great way to stay economical and frugal in your furniture!

Since Fabrics and Frames is a manufacturer, we are often called upon to  help out many of our neighbor furniture companies in the Dallas area by repairing  structural damages in their furniture.  Fixing structural damages in other manufacturer’s furniture allows us to see the many differences in how they construct their furniture versus how we construct our furniture.  Many manufacturers no longer offer the option of a real spring system.  One reason for this is because they can acquire higher profit margins by using a webbing system and can offer their product for a lower retail price. This type of support system does not hold up over the long term.  Another thing that has changed in the furniture world is the type of woods that some manufacturers are using. At Fabrics and Frames Furniture we only use  hard woods  such as  oak so that our frames will never split or crack.  Some manufacturers are no longer using hardwoods in there frame construction  because it is more economical for them to build with other  woods such as pine and even plywood.  Hardwoods are a bit more expensive to build with and  using softer woods such as pine to build out of is definitely more cost effective initially but not in the long term.   When using a less sturdy wood  the frame is much easier to brake or split. In the end buying a less expensive piece of furniture may not always be the most economical considering you will have to replace it much more often.

Sofa not using Hardwoods in Furniture Frame.  Example of how sofa can split and brake in half when not properly supported.

So as a younger individual, how can I create a room that I will be able to change as I change with just a few minor details?  

One way that you can enhance frugality in your furniture buying is to purchase simple, solid colored pieces.  There are a number of colors that will complement almost any color combination.  These colors are beige, taupe, brown, black  and grey.  They are considered neutral tones and depending on your aesthetics can be used in traditional, transitional, or contemporary settings.

When using a black sofa in the room, most of the time it gives a contemporary feel. This is not always the case, and really depends on the style of the piece of furniture. You can liven up the room with bright colors such as red or gold.

Using a neutral colored sofa such as taupe will give you the option to punch color in the room with small accessories such as pillows!

Classic Chesterfield Sofa looks great in any neutral color tone. This creates a nostalgic feel in the room.

Grey Sofa infused with pink accessories

Remember that you don’t have to invest in high quality pieces of furniture everywhere in your home.  If you focus on quality in the main areas of your home where your furniture gets the most use, you will be able to expand the longevity of your furniture.  For many this area would be the  living room and television rooms of your home where most of the activities of your household take place. For other areas of your home that get much less use it is perfectly fine to purchase a lower quality piece that will fit the space. You can fill in with lower quality decorative occasional pieces that are mostly for looks and  style to complete those rooms that are rarely used. Since these pieces will not get lots of use they should last you for many years!

Recycling is becoming a necessity as our natural resources are dwindling and our environment is at risk.  So the next time you start your search for a new sofa or chair remember to focus on quality just as your parents and grandparents did. It will last you for years to come and maybe even your children and grandchildren can enjoy your purchase as well as a better world because of your frugality!

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Writen By: Erica Guajardo

Edited By: Linda Decuir

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