Small Accent Furniture with Unique Flare!

In today’s market the trends in custom designed furniture tend to straddle the border of minimalism.  The term “minimalistic” generally implies a leaning towards contemporary or transitional tastes in furniture.  When the term is used for contemporary design, it usually alludes to lack of ornamentation  in the design.  Contemporary furniture is generally known for its “sleek” clean lines and unique simple ergonomic qualities.  Some examples of contemporary furniture are shown below:

Contemporary Furniture produced out of furniture mold.

contemporary sofa with linear lines

Although transitional furniture tends to be very similar to contemporary furniture in style, one thing that sets it apart is its details and ornamentation.  When decorating for a client who is neither contemporary or traditional, we often notice that they have a sense of more eclectic tastes when it comes to furniture style.  Clients who have transitional tastes often like to incorporate a modern twist into traditional designs.  Check out the chair below that blends a traditional style with a unique modern feel!

Tufted Barrel Chair with Painted Turquoise Turned Legs and Nail heads.  This style is usually found in a traditional home, but with a modern color scheme, painted legs, and colored nail heads it offers a contemporary eclectic feel.

Colored Nail heads

If colored nail heads are little too colorful for you, and you tend to have a taste in furniture that is more tranquil, then it   you may want to consider using nail heads on your furniture applied in a decorative pattern.  This look is great for some one who does not like too much pattern in the room, but would like to create interest in a subtle way.  Adding patterned nail heads to your furniture gives the appearance of jewelry or gems on furniture.  Check out the example below to understand how this look is a little more subtle but definitely unique!

This look is great for someone who does not like patterned fabrics, but would like to add a special touch to their furniture.

A classic look, which has been around for decades, is scalloped inspired furniture.  Commonly seen on the base of chairs, this look was created to add  a unique touch.  When originally designed, the look was more of a sloped curve, while today it tends to be a real pattern or shape.

Decorative Scalloped Based Ottoman adds a unique touch to the ambiance of the room scheme.

Scalloped Base on Slipper Chair creates a unique transitional design.

All of the unique touches discussed today are great ways to give a simple piece of furniture a unique flare!  Since today’s average buyer is looking to stay more simplistic in design in their furniture choices, these small touches will allow you to create interest  in your room without creating too much distraction!  Here at Fabrics and Frames we can create any upholstered custom design of furniture that you can imagine including the above looks or one of your own creation!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


Integrating the current trend towards modular furniture in your home! Is it for you?

When shopping for furniture today, you will find that many of the choices these days are leaning towards more  contemporary designs.  Although there are many different designs in contemporary furniture, one style that is very compatible with the contemporary look is modular furniture.  One of the best  reasons to incorporate modular furniture into your design is that it allows you to create many different looks using several small pieces if the initial design was aesthetically correct!  From high-end to low-end furniture this look is becoming very popular.

Fabrics and Frames Contemporary Modular Furniture. (2012)

Recently this year, a new customer came to Fabrics and Frames Furniture  requesting a specific modular styled furniture look that she had seen in another local furniture shop.  She loved the style, but the fabrics that the store offered in their design did not coordinate with her interior space well.  Since Fabrics and Frames builds furniture one piece at a time, she asked if we could create a similar look for her in the fabrics of her choice.  Above is a picture of the completed  pieces that  were constructed for her and her husband. It  fit their room and lifestyle perfectly!

Since Fabrics and Frames is a custom furniture shop, we can create anything that is upholstered. We always keep in mind that the furniture should be fully functional for the client as well as beautiful.  For 34 years we have been manufacturing furniture and we have developed an eye for design that to some may seem to be “knit-picky”. We understand the “do’s and don’t’s” of  properly constructed furniture.  After analyzing the original modular pieces from the local shop that our client wanted, we noticed that the seating height was a little low to be comfortable for most people, so we adjusted the  chairs accordingly so that it would remain functional through out the years.  What many customers don’t realize is that foam will get softer over time. Although you may buy a piece of furniture that is fairly firm at first, over the years the foam will eventually begin to break down and get softer. When this happens  the seating height of the furniture will change and  you will tend to sit lower than the original design.

Since we try to take all things into consideration when designing a new model, another area that was discussed with our clients when creating this look for them was the width of the seat.  In the original design the seating area was approximently 12″ wide. We thought this was just a little too narrow for most people to be comfortable sitting on. While it may have been enough space for a small, petite person to be comfortable while sitting on one section of the modular piece, we adjusted the seat to 16″ so that it still maintained the same look as the original design but was now more functional for most people.  Check out the difference between the original model and our new refined model.

Local Shops Version of Modular Piece

Fabrics and Frames Modular Furniture (2012)

One aspect of modular furniture that is a constant issue for most of our customers is how to keep all the pieces  connected together without separating as it gets used.   That’s why we have incorporated small connector brackets at the bottom of the base so that each chair would not spread apart when used, but would be easy for our customers to interchange combinations when they wanted.

So How Do I get this look for myself?

When designing a modular sectional like this, it is best to combine a combination of fabrics that cordinate well with each other, but don’t compete with each other, so that the furniture will be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  A rule of thumb for this particular look is to choose three fabrics that are solid, one stripe, one texture, and two medium-large patterns.  Check out the fabrics which we used on these specific pieces.

Three Solids: (Hint: Choose three different values of tones to create contrast in look)

Dark Solid by Kasmir Fabrics

Light Solid by J. Ennis Fabrics

Medium Copper Brown Solid by Maxwell Fabrics

Stripe:(Displayed horizontally on one piece in order to have a variety of direction in the patterns and would not compete with the textured fabric direction)

Stripe by Fabricut Fabrics

Texture: (Displayed Vertical Direction)

Texture by Greenhouse Fabrics

Two Medium- Large Patterns:  (Scale your prints Medium to Large so you create a bold statement with the fabrics chosen.  Also, take into consideration the scale of the chair , as you will want to make a selection that is appropriate to the chair size.)

Medium Print in Light Colored Background by Maxwell Fabrics

Medium Scaled Pattern with Dark Background by Duralee Fabrics

Since this is a modern look for the room, what type of art do I coordinate with the  furniture?

Once your furniture is completed and placed in the room, it is time to consider what art will best complement your furniture. It is often difficult to imagine art in interior spaces.  There are many different looks and it is sometimes hard to image which look is best for your home.  I have constructed three different looks which coordinate well with this specific look of modular furniture.  Check them out below.

Abstract Look: This look will give a tranquil feeling to the room. Choosing a color that is already incorporated  in the color scheme of the room will tie all aspects together.

Statement Art Look: Above is a POP inspired image by local Dallas artist Erica Guajardo which shows how you can create a statement with art in tall ceiling spaced rooms.

Wood Art Look: Currently in design there is a trend of  using recycled wood  for art purposes. Create a art inspired piece with old woods which pull from the tones of the room.

If you are in the market to create a modern custom look for your home,  Fabrics and Frames Furniture can help!  Come talk to us in our showroom with any samples, images, or ideas that you may have to see what we can create for you!  A special thanks to the Butterly’s for their help with this blog.

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir

Graffiti and Furniture Design…

Current design trends have recently been gravitating towards having the more artsy looks.  Keeping this  trend in mind, we are now seeing the emergence of  graffiti in the home.   In past generations  graffiti was viewed as a form of vandalism, but in current years it has emerged as its own art form.  Many famous contemporary artists such as Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and Sour Grapes 13  started their artistic careers as graffiti artists.  My knowledge about this movement was enhanced after watching the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop: A Banksy Film.  I have provided a link to the trailer for the film and recommend it if you would like to learn about the dangers and secrets these artists go through all because of their  passion for their art.

Graffiti artists tend to be recognized as contemporary artists when they are sponsored by reputable companies or showcased in museums.  The Dallas Contemporary Museum has featured 2 of the 3 artists mentioned above allowing them to spread the word that graffiti should no longer be viewed as a form of vandalism when  displayed in a tasteful manner and appropriate venue.

Sour Grapes 13 Graffiti featuring director from the Dallas Contemporary Museum.

Shepard Fairey Mural displayed on the side of the Dallas Contemporary Museum.

Shepard Fairey with Mural in Dallas on Singleton.

How is graffiti emerging in interior design?

Art trends tend to reflect life as we know it and graffiti is now starting to be seen on anything and everything  in the home.  Ranging from wall space, wood furniture, and upholstered furniture you can  find graffiti used as a way to make a personal statement in your home.  Check out some interesting new looks that may inspire you to view this form of art differently…

Wall Graffiti Mural displayed in contemporary home. Using a solid “L” shape sectional to emphasize that graffiti and upholstered furniture can still make the home appealing, comfortable, and inviting to guest.

Is eclecticism more your style? Create unique vintage looks with a modern twist by incorporating classic french baroque furniture in modern solid colors for the front, and display cool graffiti prints on the back of the furniture. This look is great for open floor plans which allow you to view the entire furniture piece from all sides.

Graffiti refers commonly to typographic forms of art, but with new graphic images popping up within the graffiti world, creative artsy looks will enhance your interior decor as well.

Graffiti Spray painted Chest and Contemporary Wing Chair featuring Graffiti Queen Anne Legs.

Interior design has emerged as a fusion of new and old ideas.  Incorporating both art and design in rooms will enhance your vision on what a room can become.  If you are someone who likes color in the room, this look may be for you!  Color is a great way to psychologically create a better mood and self-esteem in your everyday life!  Although different colors have various  effects on your emotions and energy,  adding color will generally  lift your mood.

Here at Fabrics and Frames Furniture we are always looking for new and innovative ways to create the perfect piece of furniture for you!  We encourage you to contact us if you have a vintage piece of furniture that you would like to turn into a piece of art or if you would like to start from scratch and create a brand new piece!  With a knowledgeable staff of designers and artists  we are able to create any piece of furniture that you can dream up!

Upholstered Contemporary Tight Back Chair. Similar Furniture Frame as Fabrics and Frames Style #139 Chair.

For more information about designing or where to get custom looks like these please visit our website:

We are currently located at 5322 Alpha Rd, Dallas, Texas 75240972-385-4097.  Please contact us if you have any questions about this blog, and or follow us on Facebook!

Writen By: Erica Guajardo

Edited By: Linda Decuir

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