Baroque Inspired Artist…

As an artist who aspires to show my work in a museum one day, I realize that there are certain steps I need to take to get there.  One of the best ways to learn these steps is by interacting with those who have already created a path.  This week I have been volunteering at the Dallas Contemporary Museum, helping with the installation of the upcoming show Dzine + Los Americanos. During this time I have learned that background, education, and dedication are all key elements in inspiring others and getting noticed. By keeping my eyes wide open and absorbing whatever I can  from these accomplished artists I will eventually reach my goal!

Carlos "Dzine" Rolond

Carlos “Dzine” Rolond

The artist, Carlos “Dzine” Rolon,  has been on site for the installation process, giving us detailed suggestions and lots of expertise to those helping create his vision.  By explaining to us  his inspirations, we learned that much of what he has created is inspired by the Baroque period.   By pulling from this era’s inspiration of form, light, shadow, and dramatic intensity, his artwork will surely shine in the upcoming event!  It will also give us a contemporary insight into what modern baroque interiors would look like if we were still designing in this style.

Dzine Psychedelic Artwork

Dzine Psychedelic Artwork

Dzine Ornamented Bike"Royal Splash"

Dzine Ornamented Bike
“Royal Splash”

Why is the Baroque Period such a influential era in design?

During my time volunteering for this project I became interested in how the Baroque period has influenced the furniture and interior design world. As I have noticed more and more eclectic designs emerge in the art and  design world, I am realizing that many creations pull from the period of Baroque architecture.  What is generally known as a highly traditional scheme of design is now being changed by young designers who are putting their twist on the style to update the look and create a new genre.  The appeal for those who are trying to create an eclectic style in their rooms is the organic quality it has to it.  Although the original baroque styled furniture would have been dripping in gold frames and traditional mohair velvet’s  today’s colors are a bit more shocking. The gold is gone and it has less of a royal feel, but still holds a quality of luxury.

Traditional Baroque Chair

Traditional Baroque Chair

Eclectic Styled Baroque Furniture

Eclectic Styled Baroque Furniture

Alessandro Mendini Baroque Chair

Artist Alessandro Mendini Baroque Chair

If you choose to design with this particular style of furniture, one of the key important details you need to be aware of is the frame structure. Most of these looks will be antiques, although you may stumble across a replica occasionally. It may be difficult to ensure that you are looking at a true antique.  Unlike more modern mid-century furniture, this particular type of furniture will not have a badge of authenticity for you to check. Your best bet is to have product knowledge of the period, and  the upholstery techniques used in the time in which the product was produced.  With most antiques that were created 100+ years ago you find that there are a few distinct qualities to the upholstery during that time.  Generally you will find that tacks were used to upholster with instead of staples, horse or coconut hair was used in the seats instead of foam, and almost always an eight-way hand tied spring system was used for support.  If any of these key elements are missing, then you have two options to consider.  One being that you may have a replica, or two being that this piece has been re-upholstered.  Regardless of the situation, be wary and be sure that you are not fooled into paying for an original piece from a dealer.

Fabrics and Frames is a manufacturer of furniture which specializes in antique reconstruction and reupholstery.  Like the artist Dzine, we take pride in being detailed-minded,  want to understand the background and history of the piece, and are dedicated to producing something right!  We are inspired by the designs of the past and like using them to blend our past with our present. We are artists in the craft of upholstery,  we stand behind our product, and our motto has always been “Building Furniture to Last a Lifetime!”   We are able to create any furniture for any room scheme because of the knowledge we have picked up during 35 years of business!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir

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Graffiti and Furniture Design…

Current design trends have recently been gravitating towards having the more artsy looks.  Keeping this  trend in mind, we are now seeing the emergence of  graffiti in the home.   In past generations  graffiti was viewed as a form of vandalism, but in current years it has emerged as its own art form.  Many famous contemporary artists such as Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and Sour Grapes 13  started their artistic careers as graffiti artists.  My knowledge about this movement was enhanced after watching the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop: A Banksy Film.  I have provided a link to the trailer for the film and recommend it if you would like to learn about the dangers and secrets these artists go through all because of their  passion for their art.

Graffiti artists tend to be recognized as contemporary artists when they are sponsored by reputable companies or showcased in museums.  The Dallas Contemporary Museum has featured 2 of the 3 artists mentioned above allowing them to spread the word that graffiti should no longer be viewed as a form of vandalism when  displayed in a tasteful manner and appropriate venue.

Sour Grapes 13 Graffiti featuring director from the Dallas Contemporary Museum.

Shepard Fairey Mural displayed on the side of the Dallas Contemporary Museum.

Shepard Fairey with Mural in Dallas on Singleton.

How is graffiti emerging in interior design?

Art trends tend to reflect life as we know it and graffiti is now starting to be seen on anything and everything  in the home.  Ranging from wall space, wood furniture, and upholstered furniture you can  find graffiti used as a way to make a personal statement in your home.  Check out some interesting new looks that may inspire you to view this form of art differently…

Wall Graffiti Mural displayed in contemporary home. Using a solid “L” shape sectional to emphasize that graffiti and upholstered furniture can still make the home appealing, comfortable, and inviting to guest.

Is eclecticism more your style? Create unique vintage looks with a modern twist by incorporating classic french baroque furniture in modern solid colors for the front, and display cool graffiti prints on the back of the furniture. This look is great for open floor plans which allow you to view the entire furniture piece from all sides.

Graffiti refers commonly to typographic forms of art, but with new graphic images popping up within the graffiti world, creative artsy looks will enhance your interior decor as well.

Graffiti Spray painted Chest and Contemporary Wing Chair featuring Graffiti Queen Anne Legs.

Interior design has emerged as a fusion of new and old ideas.  Incorporating both art and design in rooms will enhance your vision on what a room can become.  If you are someone who likes color in the room, this look may be for you!  Color is a great way to psychologically create a better mood and self-esteem in your everyday life!  Although different colors have various  effects on your emotions and energy,  adding color will generally  lift your mood.

Here at Fabrics and Frames Furniture we are always looking for new and innovative ways to create the perfect piece of furniture for you!  We encourage you to contact us if you have a vintage piece of furniture that you would like to turn into a piece of art or if you would like to start from scratch and create a brand new piece!  With a knowledgeable staff of designers and artists  we are able to create any piece of furniture that you can dream up!

Upholstered Contemporary Tight Back Chair. Similar Furniture Frame as Fabrics and Frames Style #139 Chair.

For more information about designing or where to get custom looks like these please visit our website:

We are currently located at 5322 Alpha Rd, Dallas, Texas 75240972-385-4097.  Please contact us if you have any questions about this blog, and or follow us on Facebook!

Writen By: Erica Guajardo

Edited By: Linda Decuir

Introducing our Blogger!!!

Introducing our Blogger!

There have been so many positive responses to the blog that Fabrics and Frames provides as a service to our internet followers that I thought  our readers would be interested in knowing something about who writes this blog and where the ideas generate from.  My name is Erica Guajardo and I am the person who writes the blogs for Fabrics and Frames Furniture. I am both an artist and designer and have been educated in both areas!

Erica Guajardo writing for Fabrics and Frames Furniture.

When creating my weekly blog my ideas usually generate from an experience in my life during the week that I am posting.  Since I am involved in both the art and design world I find many opportunities to spark my ideas. I often get a new idea when talking with our design clients. When working with high-end clients in the Dallas metroplex,  we  find that there is quite a variety of personalities and ideas regarding design schemes.  Some tend to be very traditional, others eclectic, and on occasion we have the very contemporary client.   I have been working for Fabrics and Frames for the past eight years, and have learned that you must pay attention to the clients needs and leave your personal opinion  out of it while guiding them toward a polished look.  You want to direct them to what will suit their needs because at the end of the day they will be the ones living in the space that you create for them.

Using this knowledge that I have learned from working in this family owned company, I have been able to develop my own skills in regards to art and design.    One reason why the blog is so informative is because I have ventured outside of the walls of Fabrics and Frames to explore the art world and how it relates to design.  In the past year I have interned at Dallas Contemporary Museum, became a represented illustrator online through, created t-shirt designs, and am starting to participate in art shows around the metroplex which showcase my contemporary style of artwork.  Check out some of my art pieces below:

Girl With A Dream by Erica Guajardo. Prints available on w

Walking Through Life with Movement by Erica Guajardo.  For more artwork like this visit

Halloween Designed T-shirt Image by Erica Guajardo. To vote on this t-shirt getting printed visit…,lancegray02.

One of reasons I was motivated  to create my own artwork was because  when clients came in for design advice they would often complain that they could not find pieces of art to coordinate with their interiors.  I started to create images that reflected the color schemes that were discussed during that week and discovered that this made my art more marketable.  Education can come from anywhere and even though I had many design classes in school I learned the most about design under the lead designer at Fabrics and Frames, Andy Fischman.

Who leads the design team at Fabrics and Frames? 

Andy Fischman is the lead designer at Fabrics and Frames Furniture.  She is ASID certified and has guided our clients for many years in creating room schemes that they will enjoy for decades to come.  Having an excellent eye for color and space planning, Andy is able to remake a seemingly boring room into a room that will be both functional and aesthetically appealing to the customer. Designing all over the metroplex, including high-end venues such as The Ritz Carlton, The Bonaventure Condominiums, and The Grand Treviso Condos,  Andy has developed great relationships with her clients and other designers.   I should also mention that she has also designed for clients with homes in some of the most luxurious areas of Dallas such as Highland Park and Preston Hollow.  She has a personality and experience that our high-end clients love!

In 2010, Andy decided that she would venture into the art world as well, bringing high-end accessories produced by various American artists  into Fabrics and Frames, giving the showroom a completely different look!  Check out some of the art below:

Artique Decorative Trends: U.S. Artist

Artique Decorative Trends. U.S. Artist

By opening the store, Andy wanted to be able to supply high-end clients with luxury art for their homes that worked well with the interiors she created.  In design, it is  said to be that accessories are the finishing touches that make a house a home.  The items that are chosen for the room schemes reflect the personalities of the people who live in that home.  Andy wanted to make Fabrics and Frames a one-stop shop where you could create  custom furniture and accessorize your interior with one-of-a-kind art made by American artists.

Fabrics and Frames is a place where we are not only designers but artists.  Each designer on staff  has a background not only in interior design but art as well which gives us a different approach to how we see a room.  We are able to think outside of the box when it comes to difficult tasks assigned to us by our clients and find unique solutions to the problem areas in their room design.  Art is a reflection of life and your home should be a reflection of you. When you combine the two you get the perfect blend of both with a home that should make you happy for many years to come!

For more information about designing or where to get custom looks like these please visit our website:

We are currently located at 5322 Alpha Rd, Dallas, Texas 75240972-385-4097.  Please contact us if you have any questions about this blog, and or follow us on Facebook!

Writen By: Erica Guajardo

Edited By: Linda Decuir

The New “It” Thing… Glitter!

Glitter, Glitter, Glitter!  When you think of glitter you probably don’t think of high- end design.  Throughout the past year though, glitter has become a huge influence in the design world.  From Art, Fashion, and Interior Design, glitter has emerged as one of the next big trends.

The Art World

This past December, Dallas Contemporary Museum, showcased a New York artist by the name of Rob Pruitt with an exhibition that featured a collection of his work that consisted of glittered pandas.  This collection really opened my eyes to the boundaries that glitter can reach  by seeing large scaled canvas prints which showed glitter being successfully used in high-end art.



Although Rob Pruitt had an interesting answer to the question of “What art may be…”, he expanded the boundaries that many young new artists and designers may be afraid to even journey past.  As is usually the case  for professional designers, new trends in design often follow new trends in art so glitter is now up and coming!

In November 2011, Dallas Museum of Art opened an Exhibition about the Fashion Designer : Jean Paul Gaultier. While exploring through the gallery, I came across one of his computer generated photographs called “La Vierge aux serpent”. What caught  my eye was not the image itself but the glittery frame.  The artist’s statement said that the artist had framed this particular piece of artwork himself which he chose to surround with a glitter frame.  Is glitter the new way to create hierarchy in a composition?  Has this artist begun to influence other genres of design?


The Fashion World

When speaking about leading trends, the fashion world is also one of the places that influences other genres of art and design . Some of the world’s top high-end fashion designers are using glitter as part of their 2012 collections by focusing on glittery accessories.  See some of the examples below.


Louis Vuitton: Midnight lace-up in glitter

Jimmy Choo- Navy Glitter Clutch

The Interior Design World

Just like the world of art and fashion, glitter has emerged as one of the new trends in the interior design world as well.  From glitter faux-finished paint  to glittery fabrics…this trend is a whimsical way to create a sense of hierarchy in the planning of the room.  Glitter is also a great way to update a space that may be a bit outdated architecturally.  A great example of how glitter can update an old look is featured at the local Dallas Bar called, Beauty Bar.  Beauty Bar is a bar that has taken the 1950’s style of interiors and juxtaposed it with trendy glitter walls throughout the space.  This uplifting look gives the bar an inviting, energetic environment.  Check out the space below!

Beauty Bar Dallas

So, how do I incorporate this look into my room?

Glitter Paint

Glitter Tiles

Using glitter paint to update an outdated room, or just to revamp a room, creates a visually aesthetic look that gives new texture to the the space.  Just as mosaic tiles and wall paper have created new looks for interiors in the past, glitter walls are one of the latest up and coming design trends. Glass tiles infused with glitter are also widely available at most tile stores. This gives you the option of bringing in just a touch of glitter if an entire wall is just too much. The glitter look is generally used for rooms in which the designer is trying to create a specific look such as: “Old Hollywood Glamour”, “Whimsy”, or “Chic Modern”.

Glitter paint and tiles are not the only way to get this look.  Since glitter and metallics are in high demand, they are now being incorporated into fabrics.  Some examples that are currently in vogue are vinyls, linens, and chenilles.  Some examples are:

Glitter Vinyl

Glitter Linen provided by Kravet. Shown:Kravet: 30313/8

Glitter Chenille provided by JF Fabrics. JF Fabrics: Flicker/96j4911

Glitter is now one of the newest design trends.  It has emerged in some of the leading high-end designers collections regardless of the genre of design.  It shows the average person how designers must constantly think outside of the box when it comes to new textures being incorporated into the overall composition of a room.  At Fabrics and Frames Furniture we specialize in bringing our customers upholstery dreams come true.  With a knowledgeable design staff helping to create your wildest glitter dreams…we pride ourselves on innovative thinking!

Glitter Vinyl Ottoman

Glitter Vinyl on Pop-Out Seat

For more information about designing or where to get custom looks like these please visit our website:

We are currently located at 5322 Alpha Rd, Dallas, Texas 75240972-385-4097.  Please contact us if you have any questions about this blog, and or follow us on Facebook!

Writen By: Erica Guajardo

Edited By: Linda Decuir

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