Green Design…Is it in you?

We have started noticing a trend toward more and more ” green” design as we all become more concerned about our shrinking natural resources .  As a collective generation we are more aware of the carbon footprint that we may be stamping on our Earth.  There are a number of ways we can create new environments by using green design while still staying  trendy and current.  From art to interior design, green design is starting to emerge as a real possibility. Below is some information on a couple of artists who are making art green for the home while still making it aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Debra Broz

Debra Broz: Fanged Bunnies

Broz specializes in small antique “oddity” ceramics, which are a blend of various vintage animal inspired images representing the black humor and whimsical approach of genetic mutations.  Having a background in china & porcelain restoration allows Broz to recycle vintage ceramics and give them new life in a quirky humorous way.  I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Broz and her unique oddities and asked her “How did you first become interested in creating objects of this fashion?” She explained to me that while working in her past job as an understudy for an artist who was learning how to restore porcelain and ceramics, she was inspired to start creating her own versions of mutated animals.

Creating new animals using an additive process to a vintage piece enhances the chance of the animals finding a new home and life.  In my design and artistic opinion, Mrs. Broz is doing her part to help the environment by recycling vintage ceramics and making sure that we don’t have another chemically altered material lying in our landfills. Instead we have an artistic innovative approach of creating special pieces for us to fill that special niche in our home as well as bringing  smiles and warm fuzzies into our lives while viewing.

Debra Broz: Serpentine Geese

Brooke Gassiot

Close Material Shot of Brooke Gassiot Light Box Design. Featuring Recycled Prom Dresses and Embroidery to create Mirrored Light Box Design.

Another artist who is starting to make headway in the interior design world by recycling is the Austin local, Brooke Gassiot.   She is an established artist who specializes in installation works of art.    Her light boxes are miniature designs of her larger interactive works which intrigue the viewer into wanting to know more about the materials used and how they interact with the ambiance of the space.  Using textures that create interesting silhouettes when lit, these particular compositions have an amazing depth perception in the realm of art.  Currently finding many of the objects used from local thrift stores and found objects, she creates designs which are innovative from an interior design perspective because her art changes when looking at it at different times of the day depending on the light.

Each of her light boxes is created using a dimming light so that it allows the owner to have the option of changing the ambiance of the room.  This is a great way to keep energy down within the home and still be able to enjoy the space.

Brooke Gassiot: River
Commission Piece for Austin Interior Designer

So how is the  “green” design impacting the Interior Design World?

Just as many artists are starting to understand that “Going Green!” is the way of the future, we are also beginning to see that interior design fabrics are becoming more green by using Eco-friendly materials.  Two great companies which endorse their environmentally friendly fabrics are Kravet Fabrics and Robert Allen Fabrics.  Both have placed a section on their websites which direct their clients to fabrics using recycled materials.  Check out some of these fabrics which are environmentally friendly…

Kravet Green: Eco-Friendly Weaves

Kravet Green featuring Fabric number 29191

Robert Allen Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Robert Allen: Paint Spray/Cobalt


Robert Allen: Lindy Hop/ Mist

 To learn more about what makes Robert Allen’s Fabrics Eco- Friendly visit:

At Fabrics and Frames we endorse living “Green” even when building new furniture.  We carry lines like Kravet Green and Robert Allen Eco-Friendly to help our customers make the decision to begin converting to a sustainable lifestyle a little easier.  We can also reupholster and refurbish older pieces of furniture with eco-friendly fabrics so that they re-emerge into new pieces of furniture fit  for your current lifestyle. We believe our precious earth  deserves saving and we want to do our part. Please feel free to share with us any of your  own innovative ideas which might help your interior and lifestyle become more green so we can share with our readers. All of us can help preserve our environment for future generations in lots of small ways and we appreciate your input!

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Writen By: Erica Guajardo

Edited By: Linda Decuir


Celebrating Marilyn Monroe…How she influences interiors…

 August 5, 2012 will mark the  50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death.    She is a true American iconic figure who  has influenced many different genres of both art and design.  She was quite the celebrity during her life and her popularity this year has mushroomed. We see her images everywhere! Learn how she influenced art and interiors with her luxurious style.

Why did Marilyn Monroe become an iconic figure?

1960’s Andy Warhol image of Marilyn Monroe. Silk Screen still from movie “Niagara”.

Some may say the reason why Marilyn became such an iconic figure was because of the American artist Andy Warhol.  Around the time that Marilyn died, Andy was in the phase of his art career where he was silk screening popular American objects and people.  Among these images were a group of celebrities including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Troy Donahue, Muhammad Ali, Jackie Kennedy, and Elizabeth Taylor.  He picked most of the celebrities because they had had a big influence on the masses.  It was ironic that Andy  created the iconic pop-art picture of Marilyn the week that she died.  This gave her pictures some shock value as well as  enhancing her celebrity status.  A great documentary that I would suggest to you if you  are interested in learning more about Andy Warhol’s work is Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film: American Masters (2006) Part 1 and Part 2.

This documentary has many interesting facts about Marilyn.  Information that is specific to Marilyn starts at (1:25:08) one hour twenty-five minutes and eight seconds into the movie.   It goes on to explain why Andy thought the timing was everything when creating a pieces of art showcasing the iconic star.

How  Marilyn has Influenced Interiors?

Since Marilyn has become an iconic American symbol, many accessories and furniture pieces have been made to remember her.  I have provided some pictures to show you how many different areas in interior design Marilyn has influenced.

White lacquer french chair, upholstered in silk screened black leather. Trimmed in Silver Nail heads.

Marilyn Monroe Silk Screen Pillows.

Not only has Marilyn’s influence been seen in accessories but interior art as well…

Contemporary Whimsical Interior using Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe.

Traditional Interior using Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe.

Modern Hollywood Glamour using Marilyn Monroe Art.

Marilyn’s image is so versatile when it comes to design that you are able to use her in many different genres of interiors including but not limited to both whimsy and glamour.  If you have been inspired from this blog to create a pillow or a piece of furniture that shows Marilyn Monroe, Fabrics and Frames may be able to help.  We specialize in building custom furniture and re-upholstery.  If you have stumbled upon a favorite Marilyn Monroe fabric and wish to create your own unique piece from it, we can help!  By accepting C.O.M. (customer’s own materials) we can help you create “dream come true” furniture as well as small accessories such as ottomans and pillows.

For more fun facts about Marilyn visit:

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Writen By: Erica Guajardo

Edited By: Linda Decuir

Have you ever wonder where the origin of the trendiest patterns come from?

Today I am going to discuss three different fabric patterns that have been around for generations and still continue to be very important in the design world: Houndstooth, Flamestitch, and Ikat.

The Houndstooth Pattern:

When you are in the field of design, you often see the current fashion trends emerge in different genre’s of design, such as furniture design or interior design.  The houndstooth design has been a leading pattern in all aspects of design for many decades.  The first time that I noticed this pattern was in a 1969 Camaro.  I thought it was an odd choice for car interior, but soon realized that this pattern was used to mark the car as a special edition.

From then on I started to realize that the houndstooth pattern has been used in multiple applications in design for many years.  In 1885 a high-end clothier by the name of De Pinna created a line of clothes that highlighted this pattern in both women’s and men’s clothes.  Once he was known for incorporating this particular pattern into his designs, he put out a full men’s suit clothing line.  This pattern is a timeless pattern that has been seen throughout the decades.

Today, the houndstooth is used as a fashion statement in both fashion and interior design just as it has been in the past. Some common places where you might see a houndstooth is on purses, pillows, chairs, artwork, and jewelery.

The Flamestitch Pattern:

When Missoni decided to be the latest designer to participate in Target’s “Go Line” products, we found out that flame stitch patterns were back in demand.  The line was released in September, and the anticipation for the line was so extreme that Target sold out of all merchandise around the U.S. in a matter of hours.  If you are not familiar with Missoni, he is a high-end fashion designer that is known for the incorporation of the “flame-stitch” pattern in most of his fashion pieces.

The origin of the Flamestitch, came from a style of embroidery that was very popular during the 1600’s.  This pattern was hand-woven and used in many applications except for clothing fabric. Below is a picture showing the flamestitch pattern used in the 1600’s.

1600’s Upholstered Flamestitch Wall

Today, the pattern is used for many purposes.  As an interior designer, I’ve mostly seen the pattern used for more traditional designs.  But as the interior design world starts to merge with the fashion world, I have seen more contemporary flamestitch patterns emerge.  Celebrities and high-end designers used this “zig-zag” pattern to draw the eye to something specific in the room.  When a room is designed with balance in mind, this bold pattern can create hierarchy within the design because it makes such a bold impression.

Currently, I have noticed this trend in the homes of celebrities. During the recent seasons of  the Kardashians “Khloe and Lamar”,  I have noticed that the family has recently redecorated all the Kardashian homes and somewhere in each room of Khloe and Lamar’s home, the flamestitch is incorporated.  Below you will see what I am talking about.

Khloe and Lamar’s Home Office using Flame Stitch Chair

Khloe and Lamar Velvet Sofa with Flame stitch Accent Pillows. (Khloe sits on flamestitch pillow)

The flamestitch pattern has been around for centuries and should continue to be known as a timeless pattern as well. As a designer I would usually suggest this pattern for a soft contemporary or a very traditional feel.  The difference in looks will depend on the color tones that are in the flamestitch itself.  When you have more earth tones or very bold bright colors in the pattern, it may come off as being more modern.  When there are more jewel tones incorporated in the pattern, it will generally have a more traditional spin. Contemporary Flamestitch:

Traditional Flamestitch:

traditional flamestitch chair in jewel tones

The Ikat Pattern:

The Ikat Pattern is the world’s traditional “tie-dye” technique.  The word “Ikat” actually means “to tie” or “to bind” in the Indonesian Language.  This form of dying practice is used in many different cultures.  The difference between a traditional IKAT design and tie-dye design is that with the IKAT design the fabric is woven first and the resist bindings are then applied to the fabric which is dyed.  In warp ikat the patterns are clearly visible in the warp threads on the loom even before the plain colored weft is introduced to produce the fabric. In weft ikat it is the weaving or weft thread that carries the dyed patterns which only appear as the weaving proceeds. In weft ikat the weaving proceeds much slower than in warp ikat as the passes of the weft must be carefully adjusted to maintain the clarity of the patterns. This past season IKAT’s became a big trend.  You saw this pattern emerge in fashion, furniture, pillows, and accessories.

Regardless of the pattern choice, we see that all these patterns have their own unique origins and have continued to be used in the design world for many years.  In the desigh world, we often find that the key to a good design is putting a contemporary spin to an old idea.

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Written By: Erica Guajard

Edited By: Linda Decuir

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