My dog ate the sofa…”What do I do?”

Have you ever come home to something similar to this???

Well, we may have the solution!!!  Did you know that dogs chew on furniture, because of boredom, teething, or enjoyment (remember that they see it as “it’s fun to tear stuff up”).  We all dread the “puppy stage”, mainly because we all know that they will eventually destroy something of ours that we value.

Dogs are mostly attracted to the foam that is inside the sofa or piece of furniture. This is one reason they attack upholstered furniture so often.  Dogs are not the only animals that like to do this.  Have you ever had outdoor furniture, and squirrels and birds attack it?  The reason for this is because they use the foam for nesting purposes.  Regardless of the reason, once the damage has taken place, you are left with the question: “What should I do?”.  Most people would naturally look for a new sofa.  We have a better solution, if the damage is not too bad. Repairing the damaged area is often the better solution.  Occasionally, animals will attack fabric sofas with clawing or nibbling, but when they are left alone with a good smelling leather sofa they want to tear it to pieces.

Don’t worry, here at Fabrics and Frames Furniture we see this on a regular basis and know exactly how to repair it.  We can usually find a similar grain and color leather or vinyl that matches the leather piece as close as possible to repair the damaged area.  If for some reason we can not get a close enough match, then we will try to recycle a piece of leather from the existing piece that may not be seen or touched too often. This will often come from the back of the sofa. If the damage is done on a fabric sofa, we can either take extra fabric from the back or we might be able to get the fabric from the deck (under the cushions) on self-decked sofas.

Grabbing leather or fabric from the sofa ensures that you should not be able to tell that there was a repair made to the sofa. If we can not match the color or textures exactly to the original material, then  you may be able to see that a repair was done but we always try to make the repair as inconspicuous as possible.

As a manufacturer of custom furniture, we are able to guide you to the most economical solution to the damaged sofa or piece of furniture.  We understand that repairing a sofa doesn’t come cheap, and that depending on the value of your particular piece may not always be the best solution.  We usually recommend repairs for individuals that have a uniquely styled piece of furniture, heirloom, or well constructed piece. As long as the base structure of the sofa is in good condition, then we can find a solution for you.

So…What if I don’t have a dog but have kids, friends or spouses who left a stain on my sofa?

Answer:  We can use the same process… Once again, as long as the base structure of the sofa is in good condition, we can alomst always find coordinating fabrics (pattern, textures, or solids) to fix the problem area.  Below are some examples of looks that you can achieve regardless if you are contemporary or traditional using a combination of different fabrics. If you have a problem we usually have a solution!!!

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Written By: Erica Guajardo

Edited By: Linda Decuir


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