Floral is Back!

Flowers are a symbol of peace, serenity, and love.  Many choose to decorate with this image because  floral patterns have been  a statement in traditional furniture for centuries.  When used as accents to bring the colors of the room together, this particular look will give a subtle feminine influence to a room’s decor.

Vector Floral Pattern

Since the early 90’s, traditional floral patterns have been gradually fading away and transitioning into something which looks like a minimalist approach using contemporary vector art. With this look individuals are able to place a splash of floral design in their home without overwhelming the look so that it appears too feminine.  By keeping the floral patterns to a minimum of 2-6 colors, this look mimics famous printmakers similar to Andy Warhol’s contemporary art images.

Andy Warhol's Flowers

For the 2013 Summer Season, many new fabrics and products are being produced that help create a “Garden Party” theme.  Using colors like Tangerine Orange, Emerald, Rhododendron Pink, Bright Yellow, and Peony Pink brightens up the space with great vivid colors and complements the season of summer.  If you are one who is contentious of the seasons and always looking to transition your space to reflect different parts of the year, a tip would be to invest in some solid cooler toned pillows or accessories to mix with the vivid colors of the summer so that your room will not be too over powered by the brightness.

Floral Interiors using solid pillows

Many of the current trends are inspired by the earth’s natural hues.  Floral arrangements are chosen by the many different bold tones of floral arrangements.  Some of the most vibrant flowers are the Gerber daisies, which come in a wide array of pigments.  Other often used colors are influenced by those in the horizon.  Inspiration comes from what is familiar to us. As we  notice the foliage  pigment changes as the seasons change, we are inspired to choose  a variety of different hues to bring into our interiors.  Although you may be inclined to choose brighter hues for the summer, you may be more prone to choose a palette which suits your needs all year round.  A great combination would be Earth tones of Orange, Green, Gold and Purple. The colors can remain the same but the hues can change with the seasons.

Florals will always be in style in some fashion or the other. The trick to keeping up with the times is to adapt your style to the current trends using colors that make you happy and content!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


ROY G BIV Christmas!

Tis’ the season to be merry and bright!  Christmas is the time of the year where we put out decorations in our homes which give us joy and make us smile.  Most homes are decorated with the traditional colors of red and green at this time of year, but some like to create Christmas schemes of contemporary colors which reflect some of their favorite colors or colors in their existing home decor.  When choosing the direction you will go for holiday decorations, please keep in mind the acronym “ROY G. BIV”.    In design, this acronym helps many understand color theory.  I have attached a video below to help you understand further!

After  understanding that “ROY G. BIV” is a acronym for RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO, VIOLET, we can start to ponder about what colors we will use for this holiday season.  Since many of us are leaning towards using synthetic trees to help with preservation of our ecosystem, we have found out that there is a much wider variety of colors for Christmas than ever before available for our own holiday decor!


With such a wide variety of colors to choose from, you may  get overwhelmed  and have a hard time determining what  colors to incorporate into your Christmas.  Below you will find different color schemes which you can use to help you create  a design that emphasizes your favorite color during this holiday season.  Check it out!

Red Christmas


When creating a “Red Christmas”, it is best to stay monochromatic with the “red” and pair it with accessories of white, silver or gold  to enhance the theme and keep it chic.  These neutral tones will not be too over baring and will give a subtle holiday flicker to the ambiance of the room.

Orange Christmas

citris-cranberry-christmas-orniments-05 christmas-orange-fruit-wreath 0064175

Although the color orange is often reserved for the holidays of Halloween or Thanksgiving, this color can  be used to create an organic, earthy Christmas.  If you like to use real “non-synthetic” trees because you love the smell that a fresh pine brings to your home, then you may also like introducing dried oranges as decorative ornaments as well as using pine cones and other products from nature to keep it very natural.

Yellow and Gold Christmas


For those who don’t like too much color in their homes, a gold or yellow inspired tree may be the answer this holiday season!  Decorating your tree with  yellow or gold accessories will brighten up the room, yet the ambiance will remain tranquil.  There is very little color that is introduced in this color scheme. However if you would like to add a little contrast color to the scheme, perhaps a suggestion would be the  brighten up the room blue! The photo above shows how you can incorporate both colors together, but still keep the look very subtle in tone.

Green Christmas


When you think about having a “green” Christmas,you may not feel that the color will create much impact in the room.  To the contrary, this look can feel very cozy and inviting because of the organic qualities that it creates in the home.  When creating a holiday scheme with this color, think lime green!  This color will create contrast with the evergreen or white Christmas tree that you may have in your home and give the room some “pop”.  Many may think that this color will be too contemporary for a traditional home, you can create a room scheme with this color that is very transitional.

Blue Christmas



In the western hemisphere, we celebrate Christmas during the winter season. Many of you wish for a “white” Christmas which brings  snow and ice and is often associated with the color blue.  For those of us who would like to create a winter wonderland in our homes having a blue Christmas is a great alternative.   This look works best with the colors white and silver because it keeps the blue crisp and vibrant regardless if you are decorating with a turquoise blue or a sapphire blue.

Purple Christmas


Looking for a dramatic Christmas?  Create a room around deep violet…  This look works best when you incorporate gold because it compliments the luxurious color.   Since this color appears to be very dark in tone, don’t be shy about going over the top with glamour and glitter!  This will help draw the eye to the holiday spirit the color can bring.

Multi-Colored Christmas


For many of us, the holiday season is only about gathering with loved ones and the “perfect” Christmas decor is not important.  Your ideal Christmas decorated home will include handcrafted ornaments that have been handed down from generation to generation that bring us wonderful memories and showcase all the different colors you love through out the year!  Not selecting a specific color scheme creates a fun and energetic Christmas which can be  warm and inviting to others and exudes the real meaning of Christmas!

At Fabrics and Frames Furniture we cater to all colors of the rainbow! If you are having trouble this holiday season finding that perfect runner for the table, or tree skirt, we can solve that problem by creating you a custom one!  Even though we specialize in creating custom furniture from the ground up, we also take on small jobs which can create the final touches to a room!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir

For more tips from Fabrics and Frames about Christmas, Check out our other article: https://fabricsandframesfurniture.wordpress.com/2011/12/13/trendy-christmas-interiors/

Artist and Furniture

One reason I write this blog is to explore all the different possibilities in home design that can expand our readers’ minds to envision new ways that furniture can become the driving force in determining a home’s ambiance.  When looking at an entire room, furniture and art are generally  blended together in a room to  create a setting that either mimics the owner’s personality or creates the ambiance he/she desires.  This past weekend, I attended a gallery event that showcased the work of an artist whose pieces have merged both furniture and art together.  At the Oliver Francis Gallery in Deep Elm in Dallas, Texas, Francisco Moreno opened his exhibition called Dormant Subversion.   His art demonstrates to his audience, in a very stunning way, that furniture can also be a form of art as well as function.  By painting every item incorporated in his piece called “Living Room”, this artist shows us a  cubist style furniture installation that is a very unique and creative way of going “green” with furniture.

“Living Room” by Francisco Moreno
mixed media
8 x 8 x 5 ft

By delving deeper into the particular styles of furniture that Mr. Moreno painted, we can see a chippendale camel-back settee with a single bench seat.  This particular style of furniture is most often used in very formal traditional homes, but when merged together with this style of art, you can see that it definitely has a more contemporary flare to it.

Other upholstered furniture pieces that were incorporated in the installation were vinyl parsons chairs.  This popular style of chair is seen in both contemporary and traditional decors and is very mainstream but when it becomes a piece of art it becomes truly stunning!

Painted Parsons Chair , part of “Living Room”

How can you incorporate this type of art into your design scheme?

Although each piece that was incorporated into the design of this installation is fully functional, you probably would not choose to use it as a real piece of furniture because you would run the risk of  damaging it.  Instead of using it as a functional piece in your room, I would suggest keeping it as a installation piece of art in the room that is to be seen but not used, and coordinate it with other furniture pieces that would mesh well with the black and white color scheme used in this particular design.

One option for coordinating furniture to go with this particular installation would be to use simple black  furniture with contrasting cording for a little “pop”.  Another thought would be to incorporate a fully upholstered piece of furniture with custom painted sides or back by Francisco Moreno or another artist.  I have provided some images that will better help you grasp the idea of the type of furniture pieces that I am talking about.

Contrast Corded Furniture: If you would like to blend art into this particular style, you can always get a painted pillow to place on the furniture piece.

Black and White Hand Painted Pillow

Side of baroque styled sofa painted.

 Where would I go to get this style of furniture created for me?

Here at Fabrics and Frames, we custom build  and reupholster any type of upholstered furniture.  We are able to bring your upholstery dreams come true, whether it be by creating a new style which you have imagined or by transforming an antique or garage sale piece which you have been looking to restore.  Since Mr. Moreno resides in Dallas, Fabrics and Frames could possibly work together with him to design your perfect room if you want to incorporate this particular style for your home using an established artist.  If this is too cost prohibitive for you to consider, you can create your own art on fabric and use it in a similar way. It is such a unique style that would make a huge impression on the guests in your home and would give you a feeling of owning something very special and unique to you!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir

To learn more about the Artist, Please Visit: http://www.franciscomoreno.net/

Before and After Chair


The Influence of Peacocks!

The power of peacocks has influenced the design and art world for a number of reasons revolving around spirituality, famous logos, and  trendy interior designs.  The peacock has a relation in many religions that connects the pheasant with  patience, kindness, compassion, knowledge, and love.  This creature has appeared in many different forms throughout time. Some examples are below.

Artworks that have Peacock Influences:

Murugan by Raja Ravi Varma: This shows the Hindu god of war Murugan, also referred to as Kartikeya. The image shows the diety with a crown of peacock feathers around his head which was believed that the peacocks had given the feathers as a reminder of patience, kindness, compassion, and knowledge.

Mario Mariotti: Italian based artist who specializes in creating objects from his hands.

Although these pieces of artwork contrast with each other, they are both great examples of how peacocks have emerged in art through time.  Another great example of how the peacock has influenced the public is the logo for NBC.  On May 22, 1956 the original eleven feathered bird designed by John J. Graham had been released as the NBC logo.  Later in the mid 80’s the image was altered to show only 6 feathers.

1956 NBC logo

Revised NBC logo

The Peacock Influence in the Interior Design World:

At the beginning of the 2012 year, the company Greenhouse Fabrics debuted it’s book called, “Eclectic Elements”, which came out featuring a very popular fabric that showed the image of peacock feathers.  From the day of this book debut, the fabric was extremely popular and has been used on many different furniture pieces.

Greenhouse Fabric: A 1586/ radicchio

Greenhouse Fabric: A1586/ Radicchio on Reupholstered Chair

One great thing about this fabric is that it incorporates a metallic stitch in the pattern giving it a whimsical modern approach to the traditional image of peacock fabric.  Another reason this particular fabric has had such a great response is it’s terrific use of color.  This pattern comes in many different color ways!

The image of the peacock has also been a big trend in interior design, regardless if its in fabrics,or a mural on the wall.  It has shown itself to be a pronounced design that many are drawn to. Check out below to see what I mean!

Peacock Image Mural on Wall

Robert Allen: Vintage Plumes/ Camel

Robert Allen: Vintage Plumes/ Camel on Contemporary Parsons Chair

The last place that peacocks have influenced the interior design world is in their color.  The “peacock” color, very similar to a caspian blue, has emerged through out the past 5 years as the cool trendy color.  This color pairs up well with warm colors, such as the color of the year “tangerine tango”. The color does not appear to be too vibrant in color although it has a major presence in a room.  Below are a few examples.

Peacock Colored Furniture: 

Peacock Leather Extra Wide Two-Armed Chaise Lounge

Peacock Colored Velvet Tufted Fainting Chaise Lounge

French Baroque Button Tufted Peacock Blue Silk Sofa with White Lacquer Finish

Rooms  with Peacock Colored Influences:

Peacock Colored Bedroom

Duralee Peacock Fabric Walls

Peacock Walls as a light accent.

Peacocks have influenced many areas of art and interior design.  This animal has a presence that is kind in nature and promotes a compassionate, gentle feeling.  This may be the reason why it has been so popular in the world of design.  As a designer, it is important to design a room that the client wants to enjoy and feels at peace in. The calming color keeps the room trendy without the annoyance of being too vibrant in color or presence.  When using the pattern in the room, you will only want to repeat the image once unless you are using it in different scales.  Repetition is important in design, but when it is a unique print like peacock, you want it to create hierarchy in the overall design scheme of the room so a good hint is to use the pattern only once in a room.

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Writen By: Erica Guajardo

Edited By: Linda Decuir

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