Celebrating Marilyn Monroe…How she influences interiors…

 August 5, 2012 will mark the  50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death.    She is a true American iconic figure who  has influenced many different genres of both art and design.  She was quite the celebrity during her life and her popularity this year has mushroomed. We see her images everywhere! Learn how she influenced art and interiors with her luxurious style.

Why did Marilyn Monroe become an iconic figure?

1960’s Andy Warhol image of Marilyn Monroe. Silk Screen still from movie “Niagara”.

Some may say the reason why Marilyn became such an iconic figure was because of the American artist Andy Warhol.  Around the time that Marilyn died, Andy was in the phase of his art career where he was silk screening popular American objects and people.  Among these images were a group of celebrities including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Troy Donahue, Muhammad Ali, Jackie Kennedy, and Elizabeth Taylor.  He picked most of the celebrities because they had had a big influence on the masses.  It was ironic that Andy  created the iconic pop-art picture of Marilyn the week that she died.  This gave her pictures some shock value as well as  enhancing her celebrity status.  A great documentary that I would suggest to you if you  are interested in learning more about Andy Warhol’s work is Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film: American Masters (2006) Part 1 and Part 2.

This documentary has many interesting facts about Marilyn.  Information that is specific to Marilyn starts at (1:25:08) one hour twenty-five minutes and eight seconds into the movie.   It goes on to explain why Andy thought the timing was everything when creating a pieces of art showcasing the iconic star.

How  Marilyn has Influenced Interiors?

Since Marilyn has become an iconic American symbol, many accessories and furniture pieces have been made to remember her.  I have provided some pictures to show you how many different areas in interior design Marilyn has influenced.

White lacquer french chair, upholstered in silk screened black leather. Trimmed in Silver Nail heads.

Marilyn Monroe Silk Screen Pillows.

Not only has Marilyn’s influence been seen in accessories but interior art as well…

Contemporary Whimsical Interior using Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe.

Traditional Interior using Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe.

Modern Hollywood Glamour using Marilyn Monroe Art.

Marilyn’s image is so versatile when it comes to design that you are able to use her in many different genres of interiors including but not limited to both whimsy and glamour.  If you have been inspired from this blog to create a pillow or a piece of furniture that shows Marilyn Monroe, Fabrics and Frames may be able to help.  We specialize in building custom furniture and re-upholstery.  If you have stumbled upon a favorite Marilyn Monroe fabric and wish to create your own unique piece from it, we can help!  By accepting C.O.M. (customer’s own materials) we can help you create “dream come true” furniture as well as small accessories such as ottomans and pillows.

For more fun facts about Marilyn visit: http://www.windsorstar.com/entertainment/movie-guide/things+didn+know+about+Marilyn+Monroe/7016543/story.html

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Writen By: Erica Guajardo

Edited By: Linda Decuir


The New “It” Thing… Glitter!

Glitter, Glitter, Glitter!  When you think of glitter you probably don’t think of high- end design.  Throughout the past year though, glitter has become a huge influence in the design world.  From Art, Fashion, and Interior Design, glitter has emerged as one of the next big trends.

The Art World

This past December, Dallas Contemporary Museum, showcased a New York artist by the name of Rob Pruitt with an exhibition that featured a collection of his work that consisted of glittered pandas.  This collection really opened my eyes to the boundaries that glitter can reach  by seeing large scaled canvas prints which showed glitter being successfully used in high-end art.



Although Rob Pruitt had an interesting answer to the question of “What art may be…”, he expanded the boundaries that many young new artists and designers may be afraid to even journey past.  As is usually the case  for professional designers, new trends in design often follow new trends in art so glitter is now up and coming!

In November 2011, Dallas Museum of Art opened an Exhibition about the Fashion Designer : Jean Paul Gaultier. While exploring through the gallery, I came across one of his computer generated photographs called “La Vierge aux serpent”. What caught  my eye was not the image itself but the glittery frame.  The artist’s statement said that the artist had framed this particular piece of artwork himself which he chose to surround with a glitter frame.  Is glitter the new way to create hierarchy in a composition?  Has this artist begun to influence other genres of design?


The Fashion World

When speaking about leading trends, the fashion world is also one of the places that influences other genres of art and design . Some of the world’s top high-end fashion designers are using glitter as part of their 2012 collections by focusing on glittery accessories.  See some of the examples below.


Louis Vuitton: Midnight lace-up in glitter

Jimmy Choo- Navy Glitter Clutch

The Interior Design World

Just like the world of art and fashion, glitter has emerged as one of the new trends in the interior design world as well.  From glitter faux-finished paint  to glittery fabrics…this trend is a whimsical way to create a sense of hierarchy in the planning of the room.  Glitter is also a great way to update a space that may be a bit outdated architecturally.  A great example of how glitter can update an old look is featured at the local Dallas Bar called, Beauty Bar.  Beauty Bar is a bar that has taken the 1950’s style of interiors and juxtaposed it with trendy glitter walls throughout the space.  This uplifting look gives the bar an inviting, energetic environment.  Check out the space below!

Beauty Bar Dallas

So, how do I incorporate this look into my room?

Glitter Paint

Glitter Tiles

Using glitter paint to update an outdated room, or just to revamp a room, creates a visually aesthetic look that gives new texture to the the space.  Just as mosaic tiles and wall paper have created new looks for interiors in the past, glitter walls are one of the latest up and coming design trends. Glass tiles infused with glitter are also widely available at most tile stores. This gives you the option of bringing in just a touch of glitter if an entire wall is just too much. The glitter look is generally used for rooms in which the designer is trying to create a specific look such as: “Old Hollywood Glamour”, “Whimsy”, or “Chic Modern”.

Glitter paint and tiles are not the only way to get this look.  Since glitter and metallics are in high demand, they are now being incorporated into fabrics.  Some examples that are currently in vogue are vinyls, linens, and chenilles.  Some examples are:

Glitter Vinyl

Glitter Linen provided by Kravet. Shown:Kravet: 30313/8

Glitter Chenille provided by JF Fabrics. JF Fabrics: Flicker/96j4911

Glitter is now one of the newest design trends.  It has emerged in some of the leading high-end designers collections regardless of the genre of design.  It shows the average person how designers must constantly think outside of the box when it comes to new textures being incorporated into the overall composition of a room.  At Fabrics and Frames Furniture we specialize in bringing our customers upholstery dreams come true.  With a knowledgeable design staff helping to create your wildest glitter dreams…we pride ourselves on innovative thinking!

Glitter Vinyl Ottoman

Glitter Vinyl on Pop-Out Seat

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Writen By: Erica Guajardo

Edited By: Linda Decuir

Glamour In Your Decor

During the late 19th century, the word “glamour” was introduced into the movie industry in an effort to create a more attractive appearance on set. “Glamour is the impression of attraction or fascination that a particularly luxurious or elegant appearance creates, an impression which is better than the reality.” (www.wikipedia.com)  When we think of interior genres, Old Hollywood Glamour fits in this category perfectly.  When you walk into a room that is designed in this style, it conveys an elegance that screams “luxury”.  Some examples of this are below:

Old Hollywood Glamour

Hollywood Glamour is based off design elements that give you a soft, glitzy, feminine touch.  Although many times it is perceived as an interior space that has a minimalistic style, this is not the case because the monochromatic color pallete  gives the illusion that there are less objects in the room than there actually are.

So How do I create a “Old Hollywood Glamour” Look?

Modern Hollywood Glamour

Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! is the motto for creating a room like this… When shopping to create this look you want to pick out some of the most gaudy, shiny things possible!   The room will have mirrored furniture, glitzy fabrics, chandeliers, and acrylic furniture incorporated into the decor to project a modern take on the “Old Hollywood” style.  But…it is very important that you make sure that all the pieces you select coordinate with each other!  To create this look, you will only need one or two things in each category.


1. Mirrored Furniture

2. Glitz Fabrics

(Never repeat a pattern twice, unless it’s for symmetry purposes)

3. Chandelier

4.Acrylic Furniture

Step 1: Mirrored Furniture

There are many places where you can get mirrored furniture these days, but when selecting each piece you need to pay attention to the finish of the mirror.  Mirrors will come in a clean clear finish or an antique distressed finish. If you choose to place more than one mirrored piece in the room they need to have the same finish  so that one does not look dirtier than the other.

Distressed Mirrored Furniture

Simple Mirror Furniture

Step 2: Glitz Fabrics

Use shiny, glitzy fabrics in this room as a punch of texture.  There are many fabrics that have a shiny texture such as patent leather, satin, taffeta, or silk.  There are also velvets and other textured fabrics which incorporate metallic images and threads that give a presence of glamour.  Anything with a minimalistic sparkle will create that high-end appeal to the world of shine!

JF Fabrics Metallic Fabrics

JF Fabrics Metallic Chenille

JF Fabrics Metallic Chenille

Patent Leather



Step 3: Chandelier

Although chandeliers are light fixtures that are “ornate, containing dozens of lamps and complex arrays of glass or crystal prisms to illuminate a room with refracted light”, they will vary in shape and size!  When incorporating a chandelier into the ambiance of an “Old Hollywood” glamour room, keep in mind which style would work best for the space of your room. Your chandelier should complement not overpower the rest of the room.

Traditional Chandelier

Modern Chandelier

Contemporary Glass Chandelier

Contemporary Whimsical Chandelier

Colored Chandelier

Step 4: Acrylic Furniture

Incorporating the room with acrylic furniture accents will give the visual appearance that there is more space.  Whether you are incorporating an all acrylic chair, or acrylic legs on your upholstered furniture this clean translucent look will enhance the luxurious look that “Old Hollywood” Glamour achieves.

Acrylic Leg Tufted Bench

Hollywood Glamour Acrylic Chairs

As you can see, there are many things that you must consider when designing a room after the “Old Hollywood” Glamour look.  The most important design key is to remember that “Simple is Better”.  You don’t want to go overboard with shine and glamour because then it looses its elegant luxurious appeal.  Each item that you choose for the room must represent unique qualities that are not incorporated into other rooms. It is great to recycle old furniture from  Rococo and French Baroque Period which will enhance the dramatic curves in the room and give the elegance that this particular look deserves.

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