ROY G BIV Christmas!

Tis’ the season to be merry and bright!  Christmas is the time of the year where we put out decorations in our homes which give us joy and make us smile.  Most homes are decorated with the traditional colors of red and green at this time of year, but some like to create Christmas schemes of contemporary colors which reflect some of their favorite colors or colors in their existing home decor.  When choosing the direction you will go for holiday decorations, please keep in mind the acronym “ROY G. BIV”.    In design, this acronym helps many understand color theory.  I have attached a video below to help you understand further!

After  understanding that “ROY G. BIV” is a acronym for RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO, VIOLET, we can start to ponder about what colors we will use for this holiday season.  Since many of us are leaning towards using synthetic trees to help with preservation of our ecosystem, we have found out that there is a much wider variety of colors for Christmas than ever before available for our own holiday decor!


With such a wide variety of colors to choose from, you may  get overwhelmed  and have a hard time determining what  colors to incorporate into your Christmas.  Below you will find different color schemes which you can use to help you create  a design that emphasizes your favorite color during this holiday season.  Check it out!

Red Christmas


When creating a “Red Christmas”, it is best to stay monochromatic with the “red” and pair it with accessories of white, silver or gold  to enhance the theme and keep it chic.  These neutral tones will not be too over baring and will give a subtle holiday flicker to the ambiance of the room.

Orange Christmas

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Although the color orange is often reserved for the holidays of Halloween or Thanksgiving, this color can  be used to create an organic, earthy Christmas.  If you like to use real “non-synthetic” trees because you love the smell that a fresh pine brings to your home, then you may also like introducing dried oranges as decorative ornaments as well as using pine cones and other products from nature to keep it very natural.

Yellow and Gold Christmas


For those who don’t like too much color in their homes, a gold or yellow inspired tree may be the answer this holiday season!  Decorating your tree with  yellow or gold accessories will brighten up the room, yet the ambiance will remain tranquil.  There is very little color that is introduced in this color scheme. However if you would like to add a little contrast color to the scheme, perhaps a suggestion would be the  brighten up the room blue! The photo above shows how you can incorporate both colors together, but still keep the look very subtle in tone.

Green Christmas


When you think about having a “green” Christmas,you may not feel that the color will create much impact in the room.  To the contrary, this look can feel very cozy and inviting because of the organic qualities that it creates in the home.  When creating a holiday scheme with this color, think lime green!  This color will create contrast with the evergreen or white Christmas tree that you may have in your home and give the room some “pop”.  Many may think that this color will be too contemporary for a traditional home, you can create a room scheme with this color that is very transitional.

Blue Christmas



In the western hemisphere, we celebrate Christmas during the winter season. Many of you wish for a “white” Christmas which brings  snow and ice and is often associated with the color blue.  For those of us who would like to create a winter wonderland in our homes having a blue Christmas is a great alternative.   This look works best with the colors white and silver because it keeps the blue crisp and vibrant regardless if you are decorating with a turquoise blue or a sapphire blue.

Purple Christmas


Looking for a dramatic Christmas?  Create a room around deep violet…  This look works best when you incorporate gold because it compliments the luxurious color.   Since this color appears to be very dark in tone, don’t be shy about going over the top with glamour and glitter!  This will help draw the eye to the holiday spirit the color can bring.

Multi-Colored Christmas


For many of us, the holiday season is only about gathering with loved ones and the “perfect” Christmas decor is not important.  Your ideal Christmas decorated home will include handcrafted ornaments that have been handed down from generation to generation that bring us wonderful memories and showcase all the different colors you love through out the year!  Not selecting a specific color scheme creates a fun and energetic Christmas which can be  warm and inviting to others and exudes the real meaning of Christmas!

At Fabrics and Frames Furniture we cater to all colors of the rainbow! If you are having trouble this holiday season finding that perfect runner for the table, or tree skirt, we can solve that problem by creating you a custom one!  Even though we specialize in creating custom furniture from the ground up, we also take on small jobs which can create the final touches to a room!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir

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Trendy Christmas Interiors

Tis the season to decorate!  Christmas is a great season to bring out the glitter, have fun with color, and make new traditions!  You can create a very Merry Christmas interior whether you are on a budget or you like to splurge.

So what style of Interior fits you?

A White Christmas

A White Christmas

If you are an individual that prefers your interior to be tranquil, then having a White Christmas may be the look for you!  Adding ornaments to a interior plant or tree can send an inviting welcome to your home’s interior.  You may want to begin the White Christmas theme at the entrance of your home so that people know that you are welcoming the season into your home as well as them!  Other suggestions to keep this look soft and tranquil is just by adding splashes of gold and silver throughout the home.  Sparkle and gllitter seems to lift spirits and won’t be too vibrant for the calm peaceful look that you are trying to achieve.

Trendy Christmas

Deck the halls with a splash of color!  Many of us have a favorite color but we don’t use it throughout the house because it sometimes can be a little bright.  Holidays are great because it allows you to bring out your whimsical and creative side! Create rooms inspired by your favorite colors this season.  Mix your favorite colors with gold and silver glittered Christmas accessories to create a trendy monochromatic Christmas!

Homemade Christmas

The tradition of using ornaments began first by gathering things that you would find outside during this season and decorate with it!  People use to use holly, ivy, thorns and berries.  They would create wreaths, candles, candy canes, stockings, bells, and angels using these objects found in nature. Decorations could be used inside and outside the home.  There were also religious meanings behind some of these objects used such as the color green. The evergreen tree never loses its leaves in the winter thus it symbolizes eternal life.

As time went on, people contiued with this idea of gathering found objects for decorations and started to create personal Christmas interiors.  This was a way for everyone to participate in the holiday fun.  Making and using your own decorations can be fun, “green”, and social. This is a season that can be lonely for many people. By calling a friend over to string candy or popcorn to hang on your tree can turn into a fun bonding experience!

String Pom-Pom Balls, to create whimsical garland!

Use Pom-Pom Balls to decorate found pine cones.

Decorate Trees with Candy!

Organic Christmas- Use dried fruit, and popcorn to decorate tree!

A Traditional Christmas

Regardless of your taste in interiors, decorating your home to represent you will give you the most joy!  Using any of these traditional decorations to decorate your home will give the feeling of “Home for the Holidays!”  Mix and Match homemade accessories with bought accessories for that special personal touch. The most important thing is to enjoy your holiday decorating and give your home that warm holiday feel!

Everyone here at Fabrics and Frames wishes you a very joyous, safe and happy holiday season!

For more information about designing or where to get custom looks like these please visit our website:

We are currently located at 5322 Alpha Rd, Dallas, Texas 75240. 972-385-4097.  Please contact us if you have any questions about this blog at, and or follow us on Facebook!

Written By: Erica Guajardo

Edited By:Linda Decuir

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