Make Your Home Special for Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day is almost here and love is in the air! Although some individuals believe that Valentines Day is a holiday that card companies created, it is actually a holiday that celebrates those you love both here and abroad!  There are many countries that celebrate this holiday besides the United States.   This particular holiday is traditionally celebrated by giving gifts and treats to those you love, but there are also other interesting traditions observed by those in other countries.

Two regions that celebrate this day in unique ways and are interesting to me are the United Kingdom and South Africa.  In the United Kingdom the people celebrate with traditional gifts like cards, candies, and flowers, but what makes them unique are the way the gifts for children are given. The children receive gifts of fruit and candy, much like here, but they must reward those who give them something with a sweet song in order to receive their presents.   For the adults, it is believed that the first man a women sees in the morning will become her husband.  This proves to be a very interesting day for the men because they are either avoiding destinations, or are camping out to make sure they are the first person the women sees… which is seen as a true romantic gesture!

Wearing your heart on your sleeve

Simple romantic gestures are my personal favorites and this is one reason I chose to share the tradition of South Africa with you.  In this region they not only spend the night with friends and loved ones, but they also pin their names on their lover’s or potential lover’s sleeve thus sharing the feelings in their heart for all to see.  This tradition gives a different spin on the saying “wearing your heart on your sleeve”!  Regardless of the tradition that you choose to follow, the important thing is to let the people in your life know that you care.

 How do I let people know that I care? How do I decorate my interior to make it extra special?

Generally a good rule of thumb is to let people know how much you care is by  doing simple thoughtful gestures all day long!  Gestures don’t have to be expensive, but they have to be thoughtful. Sweet little notes or just by helping your loved ones with extra chores will show your love and appreciation.  Most of us associate the holiday with the colors red, pink, and white but Valentines Day doesn’t mean your gifts must always be in traditional colors. By just using your loved one’s favorite colors and creating something especially for them would be even more special!  As shown below…

A gift that keeps giving: Valentine Wreath

Vday Wreath

This Valentine’s wreath is created from yarn and felt.  Simple Instructions:  pick up a styrofoam ring and wrap it in your favorite colored yarn. Arrange cut out felt heart shapes with glue. Then place additional yarn on top to create an argyle trendy pattern. This is a simple gesture that will fill your home with love, and remind the recipient that you care every year that they use it.  Hand made gifts that come from the heart are the best!

Small Accents in Red: Pillows, Throws, Ottomans

In the world of interior design, red is probably the most widely used color to decorate with.  Whether your tastes tend to be contemporary or you prefer a more traditional look, this color works with all interiors.  So if you have a neutral space you would like to enhance with red, this look would be a perfect way to celebrate the day!  Placing little touches of tea rose arrangements and small accents like pillows and ottomans would add a subtle touch of romance to create a mood of love!

Nuetral Bedroom with Red Accents and Tea Roses

Sentimental Quality: Irreplaceable Gift

Throughout our lives we tend to hold on to things that have a sentimental quality for us because they usually remind us of a happy time or loved one.  One great idea that I am about suggest is a gift that several people have requested for us to create in the past.  We are a store that both custom builds new furniture and reupholsters older pieces for our clients, but every so often we will be asked to create unique items and gifts because of our ability to create very custom pieces. This unique gift is a pillow made from your wife’s wedding dress once she is willing to dispose of it.  The gift represents your eternal love and shows her that you care as much as on the day you said your vows to each other. It can be a fabulous addition to your decor that expresses your love for one another.

wedding pillow

wedding pillow

I hope at least one of these ideas gets your creative juices flowing to help you create that perfect gift that expresses your love for your loved ones. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our readers! We hope that everyone of you are able to spend the day with those you love! For more information about designing or where to get custom looks like these please visit our website:

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


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