Bring down the heat by creating a Summer Beach Home decor…

Summer comes to different continents during different times of the year, but one thing that is true, is that no matter when it begins it seems to be the beginning of the beach season.  Although the beach is great at other parts of the year, interest in it generally peaks at the beginning of summer.  If you are in the market to create a beach look for your summer home or everyday home,  here are some tips!

Okitu House by Pete Bossley Architects. Architect firm out of New Zealand.

1.Use Light Colors:

Generally when you walk into a beach inspired home it looks  “light and airy”.  To successfully accomplish this look you need to use light weight and light color fabrics which will make your room feel “cooler”.  Two of the most popular fabrics that are  used are cotton canvas duck  fabrics and linen.  Although both of these options consist of natural fibers, which may not hold up well against stains, synthetic fiber fabrics are also offered in this same look.

Canvas Duck Fabric Furniture

2.A Touch of Blue… 

When incorporating a touch of blue in a beach inspired room, you reiterate the blue from the ocean.  This logic has been used when designing nautical themed designs in many different genres.  An example of how blue and white are related to the water is used proficiently with  the company Nautica.

Light Colored Fabrics with a light punch of blue.

Bedroom for Beach home using Nautica Fabrics. Other Nautica fabrics are available through Robert Allen Home Collection.

3. Adding Beach Inspired  Novelty Items around the Home

To emphasis the beach inspired home theme, incorporate a few little novelty items.  Some examples of  items that may be used are  seashells, accessories, or pillows that may have themes of fish or birds.  I have provided some examples below…

Starfish themed wreath

Animal Pillows: Incorporate an animal that would be found from the beach.

When choosing beach inspired items to incorporate into your decor some of the best resources are local shops around the beach that you are living next to or visiting.  Local shops will offer items that are hand-made from the natural elements from the earth around that area.  If you are not near a beach, but would still like to incorporate this theme  in your summer home, many major manufacturers of fabrics have lots of beach inspired fabrics to choose from. Don’t go overboard and put too many of these accessories in the room. If used  sparingly then your room will have a more polished but still very chic feel.  More beach inspired fabrics are shown below:

Michael Jon Designs: Pipefish UBK/ Ocean

Michael Jon Designs: Shellfish UBK/ Ocean

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Writen By: Erica Guajardo

Edited By: Linda Decuir


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