Creating a Healthy Sleep Environment

Sleep is one of the most important things necessary for a person’s well being.  Sleep deprivation causes  fatigue, irritation, and headaches as well as a foggy brain.  A proper amount of sleep is crucial to your health, but for some people getting adequate sleep is very difficult. Often one of the problems is that your environment is not conducive to falling asleep because it isn’t comfortable.  A great way to ensure that you have a great night’s sleep is to create a space which invites dreaming.


The most common place for sleeping is in our bedrooms because this room is separate from the rest of the home which allows us to get away from all the activity in the other rooms.  When creating a space for sleeping it is important to focus on creating a calm environment.  Many people like  using white when designing a bedroom because it keeps the room feeling tranquil and clean and invokes the feeling of sleeping in the clouds.  Others like the comfort of  darker colors such as navy blue, charcoal gray, and black because the absence of light makes them feel like they are in a cocoon.

Both looks are very inviting for sleeping and the decision is based on personality.  For those who prefer a white bedroom creating a space which will wake you up peacefully with the rising of the sun.  This look is generally best suited for those who are considered “early birds”.  If you are not an early bird, but still enjoy the cleanliness of white linens in your bedroom, then you can keep your room dark with either black-out curtains or plantation shutters as the sun rises.  This will still leave the room nice and airy, yet allow you to block out any sunlight in the early morning times.

Light and Airy Bedrooms

For many, darker rooms appear to be morbid and eerie, but when you are designing a room that has the intention of deep sleep in mind, darker might be better.  There are ways to create a space which is still inviting, yet dramatic.  Creating the perfect ambiance for the space is important and focusing on the light  in the room is crucial.  Lighting must be place strategically to enhance special features such as art, a reading space, or treasured furniture.  Spot lights on dimmers will make sure that the room appears more inviting while still encouraging sleep.

Dark Luxurious Bedroom

Dark Luxurious Bedroom

After you figure out what interior look  appeals to you, you need to put finishing touches in the room.  Comfort is very important and because of this a bedding look must be determined.  Determining the style of your room, whether contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between, will be a key factor. If you want a more contemporary look, you will notice that there will be less decorative elements, meaning no ruffles or flanges on pillows.  Most of the bedding will look simple and sophisticated using more solid fabrics.  Very traditional bedrooms will have “fru-fru” written all over the room with lots of details including ruffles, trims, patterns and lots of pillows.

Regardless of what look you want to achieve, Fabrics and Frames is here to help!  Offering custom bedding and accessories will help you develop a perfect interior space for your bedroom. We also can help you create custom beds, headboards, comfy reading chairs and storage ottomans to make your sleeping space one where you will quickly fall asleep and stay there! Sweet dreams!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


Creating a Fusion Interior…

Most of us don’t necessarily design our interior spaces with the intention of staying trendy.  We develop our homes’ interiors over the years by gathering items throughout our lifetime.  Regardless if it’s a chair which has been passed down to us by a relative or a throw that was on sale at your local department store, we collect items which may not always match each other.

If you can find a common relationship with the items, you can create a room which we describe as a fusion interior.  We see this idea popping up in many retail stores.  It is the merging of two items which normally would not be paired together.  Although in an interior space you will have more than two items in a room, the idea of fusion means incorporating two or more different styles.  The merging of contemporary and traditional are the most common styles which have fused together in today’s design schemes.  Creating a look that is referred to as eclectic is one of the leading trends and a great way to keep the things that may be sentimental or special to you.

Fushion Interior

In the photo above, we notice that this interior space starts with a loft style interior. The base, which includes concrete floors and masonry walls, gives  this space a very industrial feel. Although the dwelling’s owners could have designed the space with very clean lined furniture  to enhance the contemporary feel of the look, which would have been typical, they have chosen to use items which they have collected to create an eclectic feel.  The juxtaposition of the wide variety of chairs  in this space creates hierarchy because none of the chairs are from the same era.  By using several items which were both unique and different in style, as well as functional, and fusing them together particular space portrays a very unique but put together look.

Whimsical Fusion Interior

Whimsical Fusion Interior

Although many designers believe that having a set of items is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they often don’t realize that fusing a variety of items  in the space can develop more character.  The idea of blending what you already own is great for someone who is on a budget or some who is artsy.  Since this look is asymmetrical,  it will  look most appropriate with an interior which has a great architectural skeleton and a space whose base is neutral in color tone.   The reason for this is that it will allow the variety of items in the interior to shine and the small gems found will be noticed and appreciated.

For those who collect unique furniture pieces, which is perfect for this fusion look, Fabrics and Frames can help you ensure the lifetime of the item while enhancing its look.  Specializing in restoration of upholstered furniture, we are able to save items which need  structural support.  Regardless if  it is a wobbly antique chair, or seat that has fallen through, we can repair it so that it is better than new.  After being in the industry for 35 years, we have become experts at restoring antique pieces. Once we restore your older piece it  can last not only your lifetime but be ready to pass down to the next generation to create their own fusion style!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir

2013 Pantone’s Color of the Year!

Last year’s color of the year was “Tango Tangerine”, which expressed  a warm, energetic feeling for the 2012 color spectrum.  In contrast to 2012, the color of 2013 has been designated  “Emerald”.  This is a “lively, radiant, lush color with elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well being and harmony.”  This color  reflects the expectation of more  luxury in this new year as well as “growth, renewal, and prosperity.”


 What type of interior space can I create with this color?

This color is a great hue for all genres of design.  Whether you are a traditional individual or a trend setter, you can include this color in your decor.  For the very traditional who once fell in love with “jewel tones”, your dreams of revamping your home will become easier this year!  Although there are many different variations of the color “emerald”, ranging from the very turquoise emerald green to the more darker traditional emerald color, this color can certainly enhance the beauty of any room!

Traditional Emerald Green Interior

Traditional Emerald Green Interior

Trendy Emerald Green Sofa

Trendy Emerald Green Sofa

 What colors compliment the color emerald in a room scheme?

When Pantone generates it color of the year, it also generates other colors with which this color can coordinate.  Other colors which Pantone suggests to use with “Emerald” are: Dusk Blue, Grayed Jade, African Violet, Tender Shoots, Lemon Zest, Monaco Blue, Poppy Red, Linen, and Nectarine.  As you can see from this list, the new year will be filled with cooler  tones and more subtle pops of color!

2013 Pantone Colors of the Year

2013 Pantone Colors of the Year

Linen is one of the coordinating colors of the year which sets a great neutral pallet on which the color “Emerald” can be displayed and create that special “pop” in your design!  By using a neutral color like linen for the major items in the room, such as your sofa or chairs it will allow the color “Emerald” to have a inviting presence to it, instead of being over whelming.  Check out below to understand what I’m talking about!

Linen Sofa with Emerald Accents

Linen Sofa with Emerald Accents

No matter how you choose to decorate with this color, it should have a presence of earthiness and luxury.  This color also looks amazing as accents pieces in the room or statement furniture!  Just keep in mind that when you coordinate other colors with this color, keep it simple.  Combine the “Emerald” color with another coordinating color of the year or  a complimentary warm color !  Allow this color to embrace the year and bring warmth, prosperity, and enjoyment to your space! By bringing this color into your home you may start to feel warmer, richer and more optimistic!

Paint your old furniture new trendy emerald green to create a new look!

Paint your old furniture new trendy emerald green to create a new look!

Open Sun room with Emerald Sofa and Lavender Pillows are shown as a inviting, earthy way that the color Emerald can be!

Open Sun room with Emerald Sofa and Lavender Pillows are shown as a inviting, earthy way that the color Emerald can be used!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir

Frugality in Furniture…Looking at Younger Generations Perspectives vs. Older Generations Perspectives

How does buying high quality furniture translate into frugality in furniture purchases? We need to look at the older generation’s philosophy about consumer spending.  Most of the  people over 40 have a different perspective when buying furniture than a person in their twenties.  As buyers begin to establish themselves financially they also  begin to see furniture as an investment just as their parents did. They are savy enough to know that quality does not come cheap and know that ” You pay for what you get!”  is generally true. They understand that there is a reason why you pay more for a better product. They also did not grow up in as disposable a society as we have seen in the last generation.

Fabrics and Frames Furniture has been endorsing quality furniture for 34 years and has found that in the last decade or so we have predominantly catered to the over 40 consumer.  On occasion we do come across a savy younger shopper who understands and appreciates quality in furniture.    But why doesn’t every younger person shop with quality in mind?  As someone in their late twenties, I frequently come across peers who say that they don’t want to spend $2,000 plus for a sofa that will last them a lifetime because they see furniture as disposable and want to constantly change their room every couple of years.  They are still learning who they are and what their style is. Although I see their point that a room can become stagnant, I don’t understand why they will spend $1000 plus for a sofa that they will only get to use for 3-5 years before it begins to fall apart.  I try to show them how it will be more economical for them to spend more on a quality piece in a furniture style that is classic and  change the small accessories around the room to update their look every couple of years.

On  Sunday, August 18, 2012, I  came across an article in the Dallas Morning News called Think long-term when shopping for new furniture  which explained how we have had a consumer  mentality of  being wasteful.  We have been living by certain  mottoes such as: “Buy Cheap”, “If it breaks, throw it away” and ” When you’re tired of something, give it away and start over.”   We are constantly reminded that economic times are still hard for many even though they have improved over the last couple of years.  With this in mind, isn’t it more economical to invest in a product that you have always wanted or really love that will give you years and years of use?  We need to get back to the  days of our grandparents who bought furniture to keep for years and would reupholster several times before discarding it.  Refurbish, restyle, and reuse are becoming more in vogue as our society is beginning to see the errors of its ways in being so disposable.  Our society is becoming more aware of its wastefulness which is a great thing. As we watch our landfills grow and water supplies shrink we are getting back to a more frugal society more like our ancestors. We find more and more classic furniture options in the stores today.The classic styles of sofas that have been around for centuries  can have an eclectic style that fits in with the current trends.  Some of the styles  include the chesterfield sofa, mid-century style sofas, and danish styled sofas.  What all of these pieces have in common are linear lines  which do not become dated as our tastes change. They adapt well to whatever the new trends bring us.

This chesterfield styled sofa has roots dating back to early 18th century furniture. To enhance a contemporary feel, this sofa can handle vibrant colors as well as neutral tones.

This particular piece of furniture has many straight linear lines with in the furniture frame itself, juxtaposed with minor rounded corners to create a softer home look. Small tapered legs give it a modern, low to the ground appeal.

This particular style of furniture is classic because it started to emerge around the early 1940’s and 1950’s. Great classic shows like “I love Lucy” and “Dick van Dyke” would show this style of furniture in the background. Currently in high demand among individuals, this straight lined retro sofa is a great way to stay economical and frugal in your furniture!

Since Fabrics and Frames is a manufacturer, we are often called upon to  help out many of our neighbor furniture companies in the Dallas area by repairing  structural damages in their furniture.  Fixing structural damages in other manufacturer’s furniture allows us to see the many differences in how they construct their furniture versus how we construct our furniture.  Many manufacturers no longer offer the option of a real spring system.  One reason for this is because they can acquire higher profit margins by using a webbing system and can offer their product for a lower retail price. This type of support system does not hold up over the long term.  Another thing that has changed in the furniture world is the type of woods that some manufacturers are using. At Fabrics and Frames Furniture we only use  hard woods  such as  oak so that our frames will never split or crack.  Some manufacturers are no longer using hardwoods in there frame construction  because it is more economical for them to build with other  woods such as pine and even plywood.  Hardwoods are a bit more expensive to build with and  using softer woods such as pine to build out of is definitely more cost effective initially but not in the long term.   When using a less sturdy wood  the frame is much easier to brake or split. In the end buying a less expensive piece of furniture may not always be the most economical considering you will have to replace it much more often.

Sofa not using Hardwoods in Furniture Frame.  Example of how sofa can split and brake in half when not properly supported.

So as a younger individual, how can I create a room that I will be able to change as I change with just a few minor details?  

One way that you can enhance frugality in your furniture buying is to purchase simple, solid colored pieces.  There are a number of colors that will complement almost any color combination.  These colors are beige, taupe, brown, black  and grey.  They are considered neutral tones and depending on your aesthetics can be used in traditional, transitional, or contemporary settings.

When using a black sofa in the room, most of the time it gives a contemporary feel. This is not always the case, and really depends on the style of the piece of furniture. You can liven up the room with bright colors such as red or gold.

Using a neutral colored sofa such as taupe will give you the option to punch color in the room with small accessories such as pillows!

Classic Chesterfield Sofa looks great in any neutral color tone. This creates a nostalgic feel in the room.

Grey Sofa infused with pink accessories

Remember that you don’t have to invest in high quality pieces of furniture everywhere in your home.  If you focus on quality in the main areas of your home where your furniture gets the most use, you will be able to expand the longevity of your furniture.  For many this area would be the  living room and television rooms of your home where most of the activities of your household take place. For other areas of your home that get much less use it is perfectly fine to purchase a lower quality piece that will fit the space. You can fill in with lower quality decorative occasional pieces that are mostly for looks and  style to complete those rooms that are rarely used. Since these pieces will not get lots of use they should last you for many years!

Recycling is becoming a necessity as our natural resources are dwindling and our environment is at risk.  So the next time you start your search for a new sofa or chair remember to focus on quality just as your parents and grandparents did. It will last you for years to come and maybe even your children and grandchildren can enjoy your purchase as well as a better world because of your frugality!

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Writen By: Erica Guajardo

Edited By: Linda Decuir

Texas Ranch Style Homes: What Makes them Unique?

Original Texas ranch homes have rustic qualities which are unique to this style of architecture.  One  of the most striking differences between a modern Texas home and a traditional ranch styled Texas home is that a traditional ranch styled home will include materials of leather, hair-on-hide cow hides, nail heads trims, taxidermy wildlife, neutral color tones, stones, exposed wood and novelty items which show off the Lone Star State pride. Most Texans are quite proud to call themselves Texans and this pride can spill over into their home furnishings and decor.

Traditional Ranch Style Interior Home

Limestone and Austin stone are two of the natural resources that are plentiful in the state of Texas.  For luxurious homes that have  ranch themes to them, many individuals incorporate this natural material in walls, floors, bars and fireplaces as well as  landscaping.

Limestone Contemporary Fireplace

Limestone Wall to encase stairs

Texas Outdoor Limestone Kitchen and Bar

As you can see from the pictures above, stone can be used in both traditional and  contemporary applications.  Much of these aesthetic techniques depend on how the stone is cut or polished.   One of the most famous places in Dallas, Texas that shows the incorporation of limestone in their architecture and art is the Nasher Sculpture Center.  I have provided a link if you are interested in learning more about the center. (

Other materials that are common in Texas homes are cow hides.   There are three major different types of cow hides that Texans love to incorporate in their  ranch style homes:  leather, suede, and hair-on-hides.  Leather is commonly used with nail heads to create that ultra- traditional ranch look.  A benefit to using leather in homes is that it is that most  spills  can wipe right up.  Since leather is a natural product, you must condition it about every 6 months to keep its luxurious appeal.  Leather is not so forgiving when it comes to punctures so it is important to keep sharp objects off of it.  Many of our clients at Fabrics and Frames like to go with a leather and fabric combo on their furniture to help minimize these types of accidents from happening with their furniture.

Traditional Leather and Fabric Combination Sofa

I must warn you that leather furniture which is not made at Fabrics and Frames, may not be fully leather.  Much of the mass-produced “leather” furniture is a combination of leather and vinyl. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to put leather wherever you touch  and use vinyl everywhere else. It is not a bad look with all the very nice vinyls available today but don’t be fooled into thinking you are buying a full leather sofa when in fact you are not.  In the past couple of years, a new product called bonded leather has come out which is a vinyl top layer and a leather back layer. This is commonly sold as leather in the furniture world and will have the disadvantages of vinyl.  One of the main disadvantages of vinyl is that the top layer can peel but it is resistant to stains.

Great Resource for someone who wants that leather look at a high-end vinyl price!

Suede is a great natural product to use on something for decorative purposes but it is not very functional.  As many of us suede shoe owners know, once you get a spot on suede it’s hard to get it out!  A great compromise to this look is Nova suede or Ultrasuede which should not be confused with microfibers.  This generally will give the same look but stains are usually easy to get it out with a little soap and water!

Nova suede

Hair-on-hides are great for either rugs or upholstery.  There are many people who are just buying hides of this product to use  as a throw rug.  This product also makes  great accent pieces as well when used on small occasional chairs!  I would not recommend this product for someone who has allergies because it is actual hair from the cow on the hide and  may cause some people to have an allergic reaction.  If you are not one that is prone to allergies, then this product is a great way to incorporate a unique texture in the room!

Interior using Hair-on-hide rug

Hair-On- Hide Chair

Pillow using Hair-on-hide

As you can see, with this style of home you often have many different textures incorporated into the design.  A way to keep from being  so over- whelmed with texture is by using a neutral design palette  so that the textures will stand out without being distracted by color.  If you choose to use patterns, a suggestion would be to use tone-on-tone patterned  fabrics to keep the minimalistic approach to the design of the room which will enhance the rustic aesthetics of this Texas style.  At Fabrics and Frames we are always willing to help  create the  aesthetic design which suits our customer best! If you are interested in bringing this unique style to your home come see us for that perfect, polished look. We love being Texans and have great pride for our wonderful state and want to help you create that very special room!

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Writen By: Erica Guajardo

Edited By: Linda Decuir


When you start with a blank canvas, empty palette, or even an empty room it is sometimes hard to figure out what direction in color you really want to take.  This is true for both the artist and the interior designer. A great place to start is by understanding the basics of color…..

Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, Tertiary Colors, Complimentary Colors,  Analogous Colors, are all basic color schemes in design.  Depending on the tone or shade of each color that you desire, you can achieve different overall looks in your room by combining these color schemes with basic interior design principles.

Primary Colors

The type of design work that you do will often determine what you consider as primary colors.  As an artist, you are taught that RED, YELLOW, and BLUE are Primary Colors.  These are sets of colors that can be combined to make a useful range of many colors.   Primary Colors have always been the most basic and common color combination in design.

Primary Colors have been influencing the Art, Architecture, and Interior Design Worlds for over a century.  Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg were artists that influenced the early 20th century.  Their attention to color and design created a movement known as the “De Stijl” Movement, which focused on the primary colors, black and white, and gray tones.  This Movement would change the way we look at modern architecture and would give us a new insight on interior design by using simple colors.

Piet Mondrian

Theo van Doesburg

A reconstruction of the dance hall/cinema designed by Theo van Doesburg. Created with the influence of the De Stijl Movement

Other Architecture and Designs Influenced by the Primary Color Scheme

Designed By: Gerrit Rietveld

The “De Stijl”, meaning “the style” in Dutch, was created in the 1920’s and promoted the artistic philosophy that formed a basis for the group’s work known as neoplasticism — the new plastic art .  The use of primary color made this movement timeless.  Currently, the market for this look is still highly in demand.  This movement has created an unlimited amount of accessories and unique objects that are used to portray a distinct statement toward art, architecture, and interior design.

Secondary Colors:

Secondary colors are created when you mix two primary colors together.  For example, when you mix red and blue together you get purple.  During my first year of working in interior design, I learned that these three colors are known as “Earth Tones”.  By adding the right “muddy” pigment to each of these colors, you can create a calm, traditional look.  I personally have used these tones mostly when designing for clients who desire the “Old World” Style in Interior Design.  This is not to say that these colors can not be used for a more modern look.

Old World Look using Secondary Colors:

When using these colors, you don’t have to use them in their most saturated form. By toning each color to the shade that you choose can give you a more subtle, elegant look.  Regardless, if you are modern or traditional, using these three colors can create a very soothing, esthetic room.  When using these three colors remember that you can use different textiles and finishes to create your desired, finished look.  Hint: Use an orange stained wood with purple or green textiles to create a more modern look. See example below:

Tertiary Colors:

Tertiary Colors are made when you mix one primary color with one secondary color.  These colors are not used much in design as key elements to distinguishing certain genre’s of style.  People usually use these colors to emphasize their favorite color in the room, or to follow certain fashion trends in the design world.  Some examples of these colors are: Red-Purple(fuchsia), Blue- Purple (indigo), Blue- Green (teal), Yellow- Green (lime green),Yellow- Orange(peach), Orange -Red (rust).

Complementary Colors:

Complementary Colors are used in reference to the color wheel. The term actually means “the opposite” side of the color wheel.  Some examples of Complementary Colors are: Purple and Yellow; Red and Green; Blue and Orange.  Hues may very depending on the design.  These colors have been used in many popular logos, labels, and holidays! A great example of what I mean is the Lakers logo – purple and gold!  These colors are usually used when you want a color to pop out.  Because they are a combination of one warm color with one cool color, this creates high contast in the design and will help your eyes focus on the detail.  Some examples are below.

Analogous Colors:

Analogous Colors are colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel.  This form of design, will have an overall look of a monochromatic color scheme.  Usually used in more modern, eclectic, or transitional designs.  Some examples of this type of style is shown below:

Color should be used with theory behind it.  Starting with the basic principles and elements of design is the key to creating a great room.  Design is a process that needs to be fully thought out before executing.  Remember the most important logic behind design is “Form follows Function”, meaning that it must meet all criteria of design, looks and function.  Here at Fabrics and Frames we are concerned with ergonomics as well as aesthetics. Understanding good design comes from understanding the logic behind color.

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