Simple for the New Year!

In the design world of furniture and fabrics more and more we are seeing a trend toward a  more simplistic style.  Whether we are discussing less ornamental detail  in the design, or less pattern in the furniture fabrics, this look has grabbed the attention of the general public.  Most of our contemporary and transitional clients that are currently looking for new pieces tend  to gravitate towards this trend because it allows them to focus on other objects in their home such as art and accent pieces.  When designing simple, you tend to create a design which looks calm and soothing and less busy to the eye. This look can be created by using all different types of fabrics not limited to but including small tone-on-tone patterns, textures, and solid fabrics.

Tone-On-Tone Fabric on Contemporary Sofa

Tone-On-Tone Fabric on Contemporary Sofa

Texture Fabric on Mid-Century Sofa

Texture Fabric on Mid-Century Sofa

Solid Contemporary Sofa

Solid Contemporary Sofa

For those who tend to like more pattern in their furniture, this look probably doesn’t apply! But for those who are ready for a change you will find that when decorating with this style your room will appear larger and more spacious as the eye and mind have less to absorb.  Although you may bring in pattern with small items like pillows or ottomans the larger scaled pieces should stay simple in their designs.

So, How does designing simple help enhance the style to my room?

One of the many perks to designing simple is that you can more easily focus on smaller objects that are  in the room.  For many that is art!  There are  different genres of art that abound, but for those that tend to stay more simple in their interior design, abstracts are some of the most popular!  In the art world, abstract is a term which means a creation of art which breaks away from the traditional representation and explores the relationships of forms and colors.  This is very similar to the design logic which is used for decorating with solids or simple fabrics.  Check out some different forms of abstract artwork which may enhance your space!


Betty Sewell
Heavy Morning Rain
acrylic on canvas
72″ x 60″
showing at the Cohn Drennan Contemporary, Dallas, Texas Showing Jan. 12, 2013- Feb. 16, 2013


Ron Clark Silver and Diox
acrylic on canvas
36″ x 24″
Showing at the Cohn Drennan Contemporary Jan. 12, 2013- Feb. 16, 2013


Susan Perkins
Transcend sumi ink on paper with fiber
17 “x 15”
showing at the Cohn Drennan Contemporary, Dallas, Texas Jan. 12, 2013- Feb. 16, 2013

The images above are considered  abstracts and would create a statement with simple furniture!  These particular pieces represent a form of abstract expressionism that show the viewer that art work  is not only defined by color but also by the texture it has in the piece.  At Fabrics and Frames we have found that incorporating abstracts in our room designs has been a great way to create a sleeker look for our more contemporary clients.  This is why we have introduced new abstract artwork to our 2013 showroom.  Featuring the artist Erica Guajardo’s version of abstract expressionism, she shows abstracts which have great texture as well as design.  Check out some of the artwork which has been sold and shown in the showroom!

Afro-Man Abstract By: Erica Guajardo 7' x 4' Acrylic on Canvas

Afro-Man Abstract
By: Erica Guajardo
7′ x 4′
Acrylic on Canvas

Emerald 13 By: Erica Guajardo 8" x 36" Acrylic on Wood

Emerald 13
By: Erica Guajardo
8″ x 36″
Acrylic on Wood

Penny Face By: Erica Guajardo 18" x 24" Acrylic on Wood

Penny Face
By: Erica Guajardo
18″ x 24″
Acrylic on Wood

Black, White, and Flowers By: Erica Guajardo 12" x 24" Acrylic on Wood

Black, White, and Flowers
By: Erica Guajardo
12″ x 24″
Acrylic on Wood

As you can see this type of art is not limited to very simple colors and textures but it also encompasses lots of color and fluid movement. So when you incorporate it into a simplistic room design there will be a lot of interest created for the eye and mind to absorb.

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir


ROY G BIV Christmas!

Tis’ the season to be merry and bright!  Christmas is the time of the year where we put out decorations in our homes which give us joy and make us smile.  Most homes are decorated with the traditional colors of red and green at this time of year, but some like to create Christmas schemes of contemporary colors which reflect some of their favorite colors or colors in their existing home decor.  When choosing the direction you will go for holiday decorations, please keep in mind the acronym “ROY G. BIV”.    In design, this acronym helps many understand color theory.  I have attached a video below to help you understand further!

After  understanding that “ROY G. BIV” is a acronym for RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO, VIOLET, we can start to ponder about what colors we will use for this holiday season.  Since many of us are leaning towards using synthetic trees to help with preservation of our ecosystem, we have found out that there is a much wider variety of colors for Christmas than ever before available for our own holiday decor!


With such a wide variety of colors to choose from, you may  get overwhelmed  and have a hard time determining what  colors to incorporate into your Christmas.  Below you will find different color schemes which you can use to help you create  a design that emphasizes your favorite color during this holiday season.  Check it out!

Red Christmas


When creating a “Red Christmas”, it is best to stay monochromatic with the “red” and pair it with accessories of white, silver or gold  to enhance the theme and keep it chic.  These neutral tones will not be too over baring and will give a subtle holiday flicker to the ambiance of the room.

Orange Christmas

citris-cranberry-christmas-orniments-05 christmas-orange-fruit-wreath 0064175

Although the color orange is often reserved for the holidays of Halloween or Thanksgiving, this color can  be used to create an organic, earthy Christmas.  If you like to use real “non-synthetic” trees because you love the smell that a fresh pine brings to your home, then you may also like introducing dried oranges as decorative ornaments as well as using pine cones and other products from nature to keep it very natural.

Yellow and Gold Christmas


For those who don’t like too much color in their homes, a gold or yellow inspired tree may be the answer this holiday season!  Decorating your tree with  yellow or gold accessories will brighten up the room, yet the ambiance will remain tranquil.  There is very little color that is introduced in this color scheme. However if you would like to add a little contrast color to the scheme, perhaps a suggestion would be the  brighten up the room blue! The photo above shows how you can incorporate both colors together, but still keep the look very subtle in tone.

Green Christmas


When you think about having a “green” Christmas,you may not feel that the color will create much impact in the room.  To the contrary, this look can feel very cozy and inviting because of the organic qualities that it creates in the home.  When creating a holiday scheme with this color, think lime green!  This color will create contrast with the evergreen or white Christmas tree that you may have in your home and give the room some “pop”.  Many may think that this color will be too contemporary for a traditional home, you can create a room scheme with this color that is very transitional.

Blue Christmas



In the western hemisphere, we celebrate Christmas during the winter season. Many of you wish for a “white” Christmas which brings  snow and ice and is often associated with the color blue.  For those of us who would like to create a winter wonderland in our homes having a blue Christmas is a great alternative.   This look works best with the colors white and silver because it keeps the blue crisp and vibrant regardless if you are decorating with a turquoise blue or a sapphire blue.

Purple Christmas


Looking for a dramatic Christmas?  Create a room around deep violet…  This look works best when you incorporate gold because it compliments the luxurious color.   Since this color appears to be very dark in tone, don’t be shy about going over the top with glamour and glitter!  This will help draw the eye to the holiday spirit the color can bring.

Multi-Colored Christmas


For many of us, the holiday season is only about gathering with loved ones and the “perfect” Christmas decor is not important.  Your ideal Christmas decorated home will include handcrafted ornaments that have been handed down from generation to generation that bring us wonderful memories and showcase all the different colors you love through out the year!  Not selecting a specific color scheme creates a fun and energetic Christmas which can be  warm and inviting to others and exudes the real meaning of Christmas!

At Fabrics and Frames Furniture we cater to all colors of the rainbow! If you are having trouble this holiday season finding that perfect runner for the table, or tree skirt, we can solve that problem by creating you a custom one!  Even though we specialize in creating custom furniture from the ground up, we also take on small jobs which can create the final touches to a room!

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Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir

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Decorating with Solids

Some people automatically assume that decorating with solids will create a boring room, when in fact it can be quite interesting.  By using solid fabrics when decorating you will be able to create whatever type of room fits your fancy.  Check out the different looks below:

Tranquil Room

This year Robert Allen Fabrics put out a great sample book collection called Naturals.  This collection consist of multi -purpose fabrics which are influenced by calm tones like linen inspired colors, blues, and greys. Many of the samples that are included in this collection consist of tone-on-tone patterns, quilted patterns, matelasses, and embroidery works that are all solids.

When creating a tranquil inspired room, you should stay away from choosing bright tones and patterns.  Instead you should lean towards more muted tones, textures , and subdued patterns.  By using this approach your  eyes will be more drawn to the tailoring of the furniture or great novelties in the room instead of being overwhelmed with pattern. When using this approach you are able to create a room that is easy to relax in.

Robert Allen Designs: Natural Collection
Featuring patterns Grainy Road/ Linen and Woodland Glory/ Black.

Robert Allen Fabrics Naturals Color Room Scheme

Contemporary Solids

Often in contemporary interiors the focus is on re-using older streamlined furniture or building new retro styles. Many clients request to keep their furniture solid and punch the room with color using pillows and accessories.  When designing in this fashion you are left with a more minimalistic feel to the room that allows you to focus on the small accessories or art in the room instead of a lot of pattern.  Below are some examples of fabrics and furniture styles you could group together to give your home a transitional, contemporary flare.

Square Arm Sofa in Navy Chenille

Possible Fabric that you may want to consider for this Navy Blue Sofa Look is…

Barrow Fabric: Shine/ Sapphire
This particular fabric appears to be solid but has a subtle striped texture in it.When upholstering in a solid fabric, it is always a good idea to think about incorporating some texture in the fabric, this will be good to hide stains later on after wear.

Turquoise Chair: If you have a old chair to reupholster, consider doing so. It is rare to find a newer chair with a really good spring system. Older chairs will usually be built better and have a unique style associated with them.

Possible Fabric that you would like to upholster in…

JF Fabrics: PHOENIX 66J6051

If this style is too simplistic for you, then jazz it up with novelty inspired  or trendy pattern pillows.  Another option would be to create pillows using contrast cording.  You can simply just use the left over fabrics from the upholstery job to create this look.  Check out the example below:

Contrast Corded Pillows and Sofa

Novelty Pillow

Create a pillow using a fabric that brings the two colors together. Example Greenhouse IKAT Fabric.

When following this advise , you may find that your room will look something like this.

Of course each room will have different furniture in it and possibly different color combinations, but as long as you are consistent with the balance of color,  you should be able to create a contemporary minimalistic room that is not boring at all.

In Contrast, Not all Solids are Contemporary…

When decorating traditional rooms  there are a number of solid fabrics that lean towards traditional aesthetics.  Using leather, velvets, mohair, tone-on-tone damasks, or matelasses can produce a number of great traditional looks  using only solids.  Check some out below:

Chesterfield Sofa in Solid Green Leather

Tone-on-tone Damask Print on Parson’s Chair with Skirt

When designing a classic/ traditional looking interior you generally don’t see two solid pieces of furniture in the same room.  You tend to see either a solid sofa or solid chair combined with a pattern sofa or chair, and other patterned accessories.  The interior may look closer to this…

Classic Interior Using Solid Sofa

Classic interiors generally have more of a busy quality to them and are usually associated with multiple patterns in the same color tone but different scales. However if you lean towards a  traditional style but want to  incorporate more solids you can reduce the busy quality but still maintain a very classic look. By incorporating both solids and patterns in similar color tones you can create a traditional room that is very pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

For more information about designing or where to get custom looks like these please visit our website:

We are currently located at 5322 Alpha Rd, Dallas, Texas 75240972-385-4097.  Please contact us if you have any questions about this blog, and or follow us on Facebook!

Written by: Erica Guajardo

Edited by: Linda Decuir

Frugality in Furniture…Looking at Younger Generations Perspectives vs. Older Generations Perspectives

How does buying high quality furniture translate into frugality in furniture purchases? We need to look at the older generation’s philosophy about consumer spending.  Most of the  people over 40 have a different perspective when buying furniture than a person in their twenties.  As buyers begin to establish themselves financially they also  begin to see furniture as an investment just as their parents did. They are savy enough to know that quality does not come cheap and know that ” You pay for what you get!”  is generally true. They understand that there is a reason why you pay more for a better product. They also did not grow up in as disposable a society as we have seen in the last generation.

Fabrics and Frames Furniture has been endorsing quality furniture for 34 years and has found that in the last decade or so we have predominantly catered to the over 40 consumer.  On occasion we do come across a savy younger shopper who understands and appreciates quality in furniture.    But why doesn’t every younger person shop with quality in mind?  As someone in their late twenties, I frequently come across peers who say that they don’t want to spend $2,000 plus for a sofa that will last them a lifetime because they see furniture as disposable and want to constantly change their room every couple of years.  They are still learning who they are and what their style is. Although I see their point that a room can become stagnant, I don’t understand why they will spend $1000 plus for a sofa that they will only get to use for 3-5 years before it begins to fall apart.  I try to show them how it will be more economical for them to spend more on a quality piece in a furniture style that is classic and  change the small accessories around the room to update their look every couple of years.

On  Sunday, August 18, 2012, I  came across an article in the Dallas Morning News called Think long-term when shopping for new furniture  which explained how we have had a consumer  mentality of  being wasteful.  We have been living by certain  mottoes such as: “Buy Cheap”, “If it breaks, throw it away” and ” When you’re tired of something, give it away and start over.”   We are constantly reminded that economic times are still hard for many even though they have improved over the last couple of years.  With this in mind, isn’t it more economical to invest in a product that you have always wanted or really love that will give you years and years of use?  We need to get back to the  days of our grandparents who bought furniture to keep for years and would reupholster several times before discarding it.  Refurbish, restyle, and reuse are becoming more in vogue as our society is beginning to see the errors of its ways in being so disposable.  Our society is becoming more aware of its wastefulness which is a great thing. As we watch our landfills grow and water supplies shrink we are getting back to a more frugal society more like our ancestors. We find more and more classic furniture options in the stores today.The classic styles of sofas that have been around for centuries  can have an eclectic style that fits in with the current trends.  Some of the styles  include the chesterfield sofa, mid-century style sofas, and danish styled sofas.  What all of these pieces have in common are linear lines  which do not become dated as our tastes change. They adapt well to whatever the new trends bring us.

This chesterfield styled sofa has roots dating back to early 18th century furniture. To enhance a contemporary feel, this sofa can handle vibrant colors as well as neutral tones.

This particular piece of furniture has many straight linear lines with in the furniture frame itself, juxtaposed with minor rounded corners to create a softer home look. Small tapered legs give it a modern, low to the ground appeal.

This particular style of furniture is classic because it started to emerge around the early 1940’s and 1950’s. Great classic shows like “I love Lucy” and “Dick van Dyke” would show this style of furniture in the background. Currently in high demand among individuals, this straight lined retro sofa is a great way to stay economical and frugal in your furniture!

Since Fabrics and Frames is a manufacturer, we are often called upon to  help out many of our neighbor furniture companies in the Dallas area by repairing  structural damages in their furniture.  Fixing structural damages in other manufacturer’s furniture allows us to see the many differences in how they construct their furniture versus how we construct our furniture.  Many manufacturers no longer offer the option of a real spring system.  One reason for this is because they can acquire higher profit margins by using a webbing system and can offer their product for a lower retail price. This type of support system does not hold up over the long term.  Another thing that has changed in the furniture world is the type of woods that some manufacturers are using. At Fabrics and Frames Furniture we only use  hard woods  such as  oak so that our frames will never split or crack.  Some manufacturers are no longer using hardwoods in there frame construction  because it is more economical for them to build with other  woods such as pine and even plywood.  Hardwoods are a bit more expensive to build with and  using softer woods such as pine to build out of is definitely more cost effective initially but not in the long term.   When using a less sturdy wood  the frame is much easier to brake or split. In the end buying a less expensive piece of furniture may not always be the most economical considering you will have to replace it much more often.

Sofa not using Hardwoods in Furniture Frame.  Example of how sofa can split and brake in half when not properly supported.

So as a younger individual, how can I create a room that I will be able to change as I change with just a few minor details?  

One way that you can enhance frugality in your furniture buying is to purchase simple, solid colored pieces.  There are a number of colors that will complement almost any color combination.  These colors are beige, taupe, brown, black  and grey.  They are considered neutral tones and depending on your aesthetics can be used in traditional, transitional, or contemporary settings.

When using a black sofa in the room, most of the time it gives a contemporary feel. This is not always the case, and really depends on the style of the piece of furniture. You can liven up the room with bright colors such as red or gold.

Using a neutral colored sofa such as taupe will give you the option to punch color in the room with small accessories such as pillows!

Classic Chesterfield Sofa looks great in any neutral color tone. This creates a nostalgic feel in the room.

Grey Sofa infused with pink accessories

Remember that you don’t have to invest in high quality pieces of furniture everywhere in your home.  If you focus on quality in the main areas of your home where your furniture gets the most use, you will be able to expand the longevity of your furniture.  For many this area would be the  living room and television rooms of your home where most of the activities of your household take place. For other areas of your home that get much less use it is perfectly fine to purchase a lower quality piece that will fit the space. You can fill in with lower quality decorative occasional pieces that are mostly for looks and  style to complete those rooms that are rarely used. Since these pieces will not get lots of use they should last you for many years!

Recycling is becoming a necessity as our natural resources are dwindling and our environment is at risk.  So the next time you start your search for a new sofa or chair remember to focus on quality just as your parents and grandparents did. It will last you for years to come and maybe even your children and grandchildren can enjoy your purchase as well as a better world because of your frugality!

For more information about designing or where to get custom looks like these please visit our website:

We are currently located at 5322 Alpha Rd, Dallas, Texas 75240972-385-4097.  Please contact us if you have any questions about this blog, and or follow us on Facebook!

Writen By: Erica Guajardo

Edited By: Linda Decuir

Asymmetrical Fainting Chaise Lounge



When you start with a blank canvas, empty palette, or even an empty room it is sometimes hard to figure out what direction in color you really want to take.  This is true for both the artist and the interior designer. A great place to start is by understanding the basics of color…..

Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, Tertiary Colors, Complimentary Colors,  Analogous Colors, are all basic color schemes in design.  Depending on the tone or shade of each color that you desire, you can achieve different overall looks in your room by combining these color schemes with basic interior design principles.

Primary Colors

The type of design work that you do will often determine what you consider as primary colors.  As an artist, you are taught that RED, YELLOW, and BLUE are Primary Colors.  These are sets of colors that can be combined to make a useful range of many colors.   Primary Colors have always been the most basic and common color combination in design.

Primary Colors have been influencing the Art, Architecture, and Interior Design Worlds for over a century.  Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg were artists that influenced the early 20th century.  Their attention to color and design created a movement known as the “De Stijl” Movement, which focused on the primary colors, black and white, and gray tones.  This Movement would change the way we look at modern architecture and would give us a new insight on interior design by using simple colors.

Piet Mondrian

Theo van Doesburg

A reconstruction of the dance hall/cinema designed by Theo van Doesburg. Created with the influence of the De Stijl Movement

Other Architecture and Designs Influenced by the Primary Color Scheme

Designed By: Gerrit Rietveld

The “De Stijl”, meaning “the style” in Dutch, was created in the 1920’s and promoted the artistic philosophy that formed a basis for the group’s work known as neoplasticism — the new plastic art .  The use of primary color made this movement timeless.  Currently, the market for this look is still highly in demand.  This movement has created an unlimited amount of accessories and unique objects that are used to portray a distinct statement toward art, architecture, and interior design.

Secondary Colors:

Secondary colors are created when you mix two primary colors together.  For example, when you mix red and blue together you get purple.  During my first year of working in interior design, I learned that these three colors are known as “Earth Tones”.  By adding the right “muddy” pigment to each of these colors, you can create a calm, traditional look.  I personally have used these tones mostly when designing for clients who desire the “Old World” Style in Interior Design.  This is not to say that these colors can not be used for a more modern look.

Old World Look using Secondary Colors:

When using these colors, you don’t have to use them in their most saturated form. By toning each color to the shade that you choose can give you a more subtle, elegant look.  Regardless, if you are modern or traditional, using these three colors can create a very soothing, esthetic room.  When using these three colors remember that you can use different textiles and finishes to create your desired, finished look.  Hint: Use an orange stained wood with purple or green textiles to create a more modern look. See example below:

Tertiary Colors:

Tertiary Colors are made when you mix one primary color with one secondary color.  These colors are not used much in design as key elements to distinguishing certain genre’s of style.  People usually use these colors to emphasize their favorite color in the room, or to follow certain fashion trends in the design world.  Some examples of these colors are: Red-Purple(fuchsia), Blue- Purple (indigo), Blue- Green (teal), Yellow- Green (lime green),Yellow- Orange(peach), Orange -Red (rust).

Complementary Colors:

Complementary Colors are used in reference to the color wheel. The term actually means “the opposite” side of the color wheel.  Some examples of Complementary Colors are: Purple and Yellow; Red and Green; Blue and Orange.  Hues may very depending on the design.  These colors have been used in many popular logos, labels, and holidays! A great example of what I mean is the Lakers logo – purple and gold!  These colors are usually used when you want a color to pop out.  Because they are a combination of one warm color with one cool color, this creates high contast in the design and will help your eyes focus on the detail.  Some examples are below.

Analogous Colors:

Analogous Colors are colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel.  This form of design, will have an overall look of a monochromatic color scheme.  Usually used in more modern, eclectic, or transitional designs.  Some examples of this type of style is shown below:

Color should be used with theory behind it.  Starting with the basic principles and elements of design is the key to creating a great room.  Design is a process that needs to be fully thought out before executing.  Remember the most important logic behind design is “Form follows Function”, meaning that it must meet all criteria of design, looks and function.  Here at Fabrics and Frames we are concerned with ergonomics as well as aesthetics. Understanding good design comes from understanding the logic behind color.

For more information about designing or where to get custom looks like these please visit our website:

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